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Persons authorised to effect withdrawals Annual notification

    Web: www.lawsocietynt.asn.au

This form is automatically submitted to the Law Society

Regulation 55(2)(b) provides that a law practice must during July of each year give the Law Society written notice of the names and addresses of the associates and Australian legal practitioners who have been authorised (as at 1 July.)

(i) to sign cheques drawn on the general trust account of the practice or

(ii) otherwise effect, direct or give authority for the withdrawal of money from the general trust   account of the practice

Law practice and notification details

This is the name under which the practice trades

This number was issued via letter dated 22 June 2011 to your practice.

This email will be used to send a copy of the submitted notification

An automated copy of this notification will be sent to this email address. A copy should be retained for future reference (e.g. external examination reports).

General Trust account details

The name as it appears on the bank statement

please provide street name, suburb and city if appropriate

numbers only Do not use ashes or spaces

numbers only Do not use ashes or spaces

Please use numerals only
Authorised Persons' details

If you consider the signatory falls into one or more categories please choose the most relevant


Notifier's details

This notification, duly completed and submitted is accepted as written notification required under r55(2) of the Legal Profession Regulations 2007