Closure of Trust Account, Controlled Money and Investment Accounts Notification 73

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Account Details r55(3)

Status of practice after closure of general trust account r(73)

Final examination Details s271(3)

An External Examiner’s Report must be lodged for the period from the date of the last report to the closure of the trust bank account(s), controlled money account(s) or investment account(s). The External Examiner’s Report is to be lodged with the Law Society Northern Territory within 60 days after ceasing to be authorised to receive trust money or ceasing to engage in legal practice in the Northern Territory of Australia. The External Examiner’s report can be obtained by contacting the Law Society Northern Territory on (08) 8981 5104.

Trust Account required

You need a Trust Account. Please complete notification 77 'Open a Trust Account' when your new account has been opened

This notification, duly submitted will be accepted as written notification to the Law Society Northern Territory of ceasing to hold trust money.