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Please complete the form and supply as much information as possible so we can obtain or track your UTR number.


Please note. we are not HMRC or the issuing body for UTR number or forms and we provide and independent service to our customers. If you would like further information either contact us or go to the official site for HMRC.

We will need to complete a P86 form to make sure the Inland revenue knows the date you arrived or plan to arrive in the UK and all your new personal details.

complete the following information to the best of my knowledge and belief to be able to prepare your P86 form.


While HMRC do not require the P86 form any more, we will use these details to inform and update HMRC as to obtain your UTR number.

Residence and Ordinary Residence

If you visited the UK during the 5 years before the date of arrival, approximately how many complete days did you spend in the UK

Remember UK tax tear goes from april 5th to april 5th, so 2010 tax year goes from april 5ht 2009 to april 5th 2010.

Income Tax Allowances and Liabilities

Partner Details information
Relevance of Domicile

Domicile Information


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Personal Details

Current or intended Address in the UK

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Alternative Address

Mailing Address (for post and delivery only)

Foreign address

Your employment details

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Other jobs to add

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If you have not register as a self employed with HMRC already, please select "NO" and we will complete all the forms and information for you.

Employer Details


Other Details
Date job Started Date job Finished
We will need your P45
Limited Company Details

Registered Business Address

Other Details
Date company Started trading/ was registered in Companies House

Self Employed information A

Please complete all the information to be able to prepare the self employed documents and information.

Business address If your business address is the same as your home address leave this box blank.

Self Employed Information B

How to pay your Class 2 National Insurance contributions (NICs)

The best way to pay your Class 2 NICs is by direct debit. Fill in application form CA5601 Application to pay self-employed National Insurance contributions (NICs) by Direct Debit. form CA5601

HMRC automated collection process will give you peace of mind that your future pension and benefit rights are protected. For tax year 2010–11 self-employed NICs are £2.40 per week. If you are unable to pay by direct debit we will arrange to send you a bill every 13 weeks. These will be issued in January, April, July and October. If you expect your income from the business to be below £5,075 for the tax year 6 April 2010 to 5 April 2011 you may not have to pay NICs.

CA5601 Direct Debit Information

Bank Details for Direct Debit

Add account holder

Name and full postal address of your bank or building society

Fees and Payment

Your fees include all the forms and information you need to obtain or track your UTR number. All forms and documents will be sent to you by e-mail on pdf format. It is your responsibility to print, sign and date the forms and send the completed forms to us following the instructions.

Here are your total fees.








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