Notification 259 Application to submit unclaimed trust money

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s259 of the LPA states

An amount of trust money held by a law practice is an unclaimed amount if:

(a) the amount has been held by the practice for a period  of at least 2 years and during that period the practice has had no knowledge of the existence or the address of the person on whose behalf the amount is held; or

(b) the person has refused to accept payment of the amount when tendered.

In approving this application, the Society requires verification that the practice has undertaken due diligence in regard to locating clients and cancelling any stale cheques.

Practice Details

This number has been allocated to your practice by the Society. Please contact the society if you can not locate the number.

This notification is required to be completed by an authorised practitioner of the practice

Unclaimed trust money declaration

Trust Ledger Details

Matter Details

Unpresented Cheque

Search details for this ledger

You are required to have conducted AT LEAST 4 of the above within the last six months you have held the inactive trust account monies
Phone calls

Internet and email search

Location Visit

Employer details

I, the authorised practitioner, declare;

  • The trust money detailed in this application meets the criteria of unclaimed trust money and
  • I have undertaken all activities stated to locate the relevant persons and refund the money and

I request that the Society consider my application and accept the funds as unclaimed trust money as defined in the Act.

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