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Hello and thanks for your enquiry about becoming a professional Pet Carer with Pet Sitters Australia (PSA). 

Completing this on-line application is your first step in joining our professional network of carers. 

If you have ALREADY completed a hard copy application, please take the time to complete this form on line as this will help us to work with you better, by understanding you and your preferences to a greater degree! (thanks)

By joining us as a PSA carer you will become part of our National Carer Network and will be provided with all of the benefits of being with a highly professional, and caring, Pet Care services organisation. 

At PSA we care about our clients, we care about all pets and we care about YOU, our carers too!

At PSA, it is our goal to attract the best Pet Carers possible, as we also attract great pet owners as customers.  In fact, it is our stated goal to provide pet owners the most caring, safest, securest, most professional, well trained and supported carers in the Pet Care industry.

At PSA – because we want to make sure that you get to do jobs that suit you best, when you are completing this application you get to nominate the kind of pet care you want to do!

So please consider and then clearly nominate the type of pets you can care for, also, the type of care services you are able to provide and to indicate to us, the general geographic area that is realistic for you to be able to cover as a PSA carer.

This information is very important and relevant as it helps us to know you and to allocate the right kind jobs for you, in an area you can manage well!

As a PSA Carer/Contractor:

You can expect a professional team backing you.

You can expect us to provide all pet services and Pet First Aid training, with course content and delivery developed by our own Certificate IV TAA qualified team.

You are paid to do the work that you love, caring for pets, whilst PSA provides the back office administration, including the bookings, and the management of clients’, this also includes the collection of payments and the payment of your fees.

At PSA, we also take care of all the marketing and advertising and other promotional activities. We also create and maintain all contracts, paperwork, and all other appropriate management work as well.

As a PSA carer, all the jobs booked through PSA and the work performed by you are covered under our group Public Liability Insurance as well.

You are no doubt wondering how to start and what needs to be done so that you can become a PSA Carer, so here are a few steps that need completion as follows:

Step #1:         You complete & submit this Online PSA Carer Application form

This application, once submitted, starts the process of engaging you as a carer with PSA – so we will start your Training and Induction Modules within a day of your Carer Application being submitted.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t already have a Police Background Check (PBC) or an Australian Business Number, (ABN) it is important to apply for these ASAP

The PBC can take at least 10 days from the day submit your PBC application.

We like you to have the opportunity of doing training while you are waiting for your PBC to arrive – and this way - you can fast track and finalize becoming a PSA Carer! (BTW - Just call your local Police Station to get local details about how to apply for the PBC – they are very helpful and can tell you what you will need - it is very straightforward)

If you don’t already have an ABN – you can simply apply for one (it is a FREE online registration process) – If you want help with this - we are happy to send you “how to get an ABN” info too - just let us know by email you need ABN help! (so we can reply with the details ASAP!)

Step #2:         We email you links to Video Course content & The link to Module One of the Pet First Aid Training Package

Please note that you are not charged for your Pet First Aid training or other induction services for PSA.

We believe that you and all Carers within our network should receive appropriate training that will allow you to care for their own pets, and for our clients’ pets, to the highest possible standards. To understand how to manage many potential situations in a manner that helps the animals, and that limits hazards to the carers the pets and the community through appropriate First Aid and OHS practices.

All PSA training and induction is created and delivered by Cert IV TAA level trainers and assessors.

We use workplace training methods – so all training is low stress, collaborative in its approach – and hopefully fun too!

Step #3-a1     You review your Video Course content – then start Module One

By reviewing the Video Course content, the training package will be easier for you to use. Of course, we also have important and relevant written course content that is delivered online, that will assist you during your training sessions. All of the assessment sections are ‘multiple choice’ and contain information that will help you to respond appropriately. Training with us is designed to be simple and we seek to improve your knowledge and confidence!

As you complete and submit training Modules – you can do this at your own pace – just make sure you choose the option (at the top of the Training Forms: “
Save my progress and resume later ” which means you resume your training if you want to take breaks during modules – then all your great work will not be lost!)

Once you have completed your modules – you simply ‘Submit’ when you complete each module. (and then we perform and assessment and you then receive a link to your next Training Module).

There are three training modules in total.

Step #3-a2     We email you links Module Two (you complete & Submit this to us). PLUS an attachment of the PSA Independent Contractor (IC) form

You complete and submit Module 2

You print out and complete and sign the PSA Independent Contractor (IC) form to us (We recommend that you send all PSA required paperwork to us in one go, as it is easier to manage for us, and saves you on postage costs too!)

Step #3-a3     We email you links Module Two (you complete & Submit this to us.

Upon successful completion of Step #3 - a3 (make sure you have completed Step 4)

Step #4          You provide PSA with ANY & ALL paperwork/details required: PBC, IC, etc

In order for you to be an Authorised PSA Carer we will need the following items on file:

Police Background Check (PBC – in extract form, Original or Colour Photocopy of BOTH sides)

The PSA Independent Contractor form (Completed & Signed by you)

Your Bank Payment details – or preferred address for Cheque Postage

We recommend that you collect all details & paperwork that we need and send them in via mail at the same time – this save you postage and makes it easier for us to manage your details too!

When you are ready to post you can always use the following address:
PSA (Pet Sitters Australia)
PO Box 6192
Marrickville South NSW 2204

BTW – Our address is on all of our correspondence so no need to record this now!

OK – so the moment that we have all of these on file - we can then fully process your total application and then the next step is:

Step #5          We POST you the “PSA Carer Welcome Pack

We will post this to your nominated postal /Home address.

The PSA Carer Welcome Pack contains

1 x PSA – Certificate of Insurance – Currency
(NB. Only valid & current and able to be used for jobs booked & paid through PSA)
1 x ‘PSA Pet First Aid Certificate” of completion’ –
Your Name, Dated and Signed by our Cert IV TAA
1 x Hard Copy of the PSA Pet First Aid Training Manual (Inc. PSA P & P)
1 x PSA Carer Contract (Inc. PSA Policies and Procedures (P&P
)- This is a general copy of our Policies and procedures and updates of this can be found on the PSA website too!
1 x Carer Agreement/Independent Contractor (IC) – P&P Handbook – Carers Book Copy
1 x Lanyard (for you to use with client Keys)
1 x Set of 5 PSA Key Fobs (To attach to client keys &/or Visiting Dog’s Collars)
1 x PSA – Key Fob pack
(5 x PSA Key Fobs -To attach client keys &/or for pets that are staying with carers)
1 x PSA Carer Info Sheet (With Pet Behaviour )
– “In Carer’s Home” services intro/guidelines

When you receive this PSA Carer Induction pack - please call or email Kerry to let her know you are now READY to receive your jobs!

Once you have your “PSA Carer - WELCOME PACK” – We believe that you are will be ready to do the paid work that you love, caring for pets, whilst PSA continues to provide the training, certification, back office administration, including the bookings, and the management of clients’, this also includes the collection of payments and the payment of your fees.

At PSA, we also take care of all the marketing and advertising and other promotional activities. We also create and maintain all contracts, paperwork, and all other management work as well. PSA also looks after the Public Liability insurance for jobs booked through PSA.

 (Please Note:  That as of January 1st, 2009.  Australian Home Insurance policies in NSW and some other states NO LONGER are able to provide home owners or renters any Public Liability coverage for work performed in and around their home.  This is why all service providers are recommended to provide their own Public Liability Insurance Cover– PSA Carers receive this cover for all PSA related jobs automatically as a part of the PSA contract engagement processes – In other words – we pay for our carers insurance coverage for all work performed as a PSA Carer).

Of course we will be paying you via Direct Deposit into the account you nominate (unless you prefer cheque payments of course!

(Answer is Mandatory) Your Christian or given name

(Answer is Mandatory) Your family name.

This 2 Letter combo will help us to allocate your unique Carer ID: allocaring your Carer ID

Some Carers may have already applied previously and are welcome back!

This helps us with the initial allocation for jobs in a 'City' or 'Town' Country Area

For example - Newtown in Sydney is known as the "Inner West"

(Answer is Mandatory) If you prefer - you can just provide your current age or a date range such as "Under 18", "18 to 25", "26-35", "36-50", "51 -65" "66+" or even "none of your business nosey!" - we only ask as it is good to know to help match potential energy levels and training methods we can expect)

(Answer is Mandatory)

(Answer is Mandatory)

(Answer is Mandatory) Please select your Stat from "Drop Down Menu"

(Answer is Mandatory) Use only your 4 digit POSTCODE

(Answer is Mandatory) Only a correct email address format can be submitted - if you do not have an email address please type: no@email.com so that you can still submit this form!

(Answer is Mandatory) - Please provide your phone area code too! (If you only have a mobile number - then use it here as well as in the next question please)

If you do not wish to be called at work - please do not provide this number.

Please also advise what this ID is when you answer. This helps us to manage our expectaions of your work status for Australian Based services provision.

Please provide your ABN number if you have a current one here - If you do not have an ABN - and you need help to apply for this - just email us and we will be happy to help you! (ABN registration is a free Govt Services)

The name you have as your ABN registered name - If you do not select a "Business Name" then please type your name here. OF NOTE - NEVER use an existing business' name - Do not register your Business Name as Pet Sitters Australia - YOu can use your own name or an original, unused business name!

Bank number (for Payment of PSA jobs)

This along with the BSB number allows us to pay for PSA jobs into your account
Type of Pet Carer services I am able to offer

This section is where you nominate the type of Pet Care Services you would like to do!

We have given a brief description of the service in some cases to help you decide what you wish to choose as your answer!



Where you as a Carer VISIT pets at their owners home (general visit times are agreed as 30 minutes, 45 Minutes, 60 Mins or by arrangement - some clients may want several scheduled visits per day. *NB: This service not deemed psychologically suitable for dogs as they need more human interaction than most other pets!


(Answer is Mandatory)


MIND PET & HOME: You provide Care the client’s pet & when staying/living at their home for agreed overnight &/or for longer stays.

Where you care for the pet & home as overnight & for longer stays - This IS a service available for DOGS (& all other pets)

This is a service where you as a carer are available to mind pets professionally & appropriately whilst also minding the owners home - staying overnight to create/maintain a suitable daily schedule for the pets.

OF NOTE: You are not expected to be at the client's home all day, (your care of the Pets should be close to the owners daily schedule - i.e. most clients have jobs outside of the home - duties just as you may do! - It is all about creating a balanced, regular, healthy schedule for the pets well being! (Overnight stays comprises afternoon/evening arrival and morning departure from the client’s home)this should also reflect appropriate care of pets needs in the morning and evening whilst you are there for the pets best interest!


(Answer is Mandatory) Where you care for the pet & home as overnight & for longer stays - This IS a service available for DOGs & all other pets)


 "Mind my Pet at Carers Place": Where the pets come to stay with you, as if they were your own pets

You care for the pets in YOUR HOME environment –therefore  your family members (including your pets)  and your home & yard need to be pet friendly/supportive.

When you provide this care - you screen the pets before the pet is left with you - in your care - so that you can decide if that pet is OK for you & your environment - YOU decide before you commit to the job! (please see more details on the Page/Section specific to those of you who DO select 'Yes' and wish to provide this service.)


(Answer is Mandatory)


“Dog Walking”: Where you provide On Leash - walking activities for the pet - visiting the home or place of work of the owners - Dogs are NEVER to be OFF Leash - and no more that 3 Dogs walked at any one time (Many Councils restrict walking to this many dogs and more than this amount could attract a fine by the council ranger for the dog walkers - PSA instructs all dog walkers to have a MAXIMUM of the council advised number or THREE dogs - whichever is the lower number)

(Answer is Mandatory) ALL dogs to be walked ON LEASH at ALL times when in a PSA carers care.


"Dog Training": You will require experience & certification to perform this work

(Answer is Mandatory) We would request certification/or qualifications provided for your to offer this service with PSA.


"Grooming": -Experience (and possible certification required)

(Answer is Mandatory) We would request certification/or qualifications provided for your to offer this service with PSA.


"Behavioural Assessment & Assistance": Experience and certification required

We would request certification/or qualifications provided for your to offer this service with PSA.


"Canine Myofunctional Massage" - Experience and certification required

We would request certification/or qualifications provided for your to offer this service with PSA.


"Owner Support Services": Client/Pet Support care - Service offered to clients when they need assistance with their pets - clients often need someone to help care for their pets - when they are home due to injury or illness

Client/Pet Support care - helping clients to care for their pets when they are at home as well sometimes


"Environment Assessment Consult &/or Improvements": Checking homes, yards etc for hazards (Creating report) Where you are engaged in checking homes, yards etc for hazards,( including, but not limited to:  toxic plants &/or chemicals, escape proofing advise, 'bolt hole' revision advise, Pool - drown proofing advice - Note that some specialist knowledge is required for this type of Job – PSA knowledge transfer/training may be required.

Checking homes, yards etc for hazards

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Pooper Scooper -Yard Clean Services": Pooper Scooper yard services.  Clients book regular scheduled poop scoop yard services.

Regular scheduled yard cleaning poop removal services


"Cat Run Enclosure - Installation Service": &/or Other "Pet Enclosure

You will require your own Building lic. & Handyman Business experience or other experience & insurances: - Experience as a tradesman/builder is generally required

You will require your own Building lic. & Handyman Business experience or other experience & insurances: - Experience as a tradesman/builder is required


"Pet Friendly - Home Cleaning Services":  

Where you wish to perform general house cleaning services that are VERY pet friendly and considerate!

Best fit is where you already perform cleaning service and have experience and equipment to perform this work.


"Pet Taxi" - where you transport animals & or Owners with animals to a Vet or other agreed location - Note that the 'passengers' are ONLY Pet related services transport service.


Please describe what you would like to do for PSA as a Pet Carer if that option doesn't already exisit for selection above



Please indicate ALL areas of experience that you have had with animals/pets in this section – select all that are true for you

(Mandatory to SELECT At LEAST ONE ANSWER) - This helps us to understand your experience!

This helps us to better understand your experience in pet care!


Please indicate ALL Pet Types that you as a carer would be happy to work with -IN GENERAL

Please tick/select each pet type you are competent & happy to care for - choose as many as you like. (so long as it is appropriate to your experience levels!)


It IS Mandatory to Select at LEAST one type of pet in this section: You choose the type of pets you are happy to care for (& have experience of pet care for is recommended too!)

If you SELECTED "Other" above - please describe what you would like to do for PSA as a Pet Carer


Please complete this section if you ONLY use Public Transport and Walking/Cycling as your mode of transport (Please progress to next section if you also use your own vehicle)

This helps us to understand the area you can manage as a carer!

When we allocate a job to a carer we always endeavour to offer you jobs that you can get to via your mode of transport! This info helps us do this!

Please indicate the range (or area) that you are willing to cover to provide services when limited to Public transport &/or walking.


Please complete this section if you use your Car/ or other longer range personal vehicle as your mode of transport - This helps us to understand the area you can manage as a carer!

Helps us to know your ability to get to jobs/locations

Please tell us what you are willing to do 'Transport Wise"

This will help us to allocate jobs to your prefered coverage area!


The type of hours I work in my current job are as follows: (this helps us to know when you work - and therefore more about WHEN you will be AVAILABLE either for HOME & or Other location Pet care services?

By completing this section we get a better understanding of your availability as a carer and this will allow us to allocate jobs based on this criteria as well!  


This helps us to correctly place a clients pets with someone who has a similar routine to yours!

This helps us to understand your availability


Please read the Guideline to “Mind my Pet at Carers Place”:

If you decide that you  DO NOT intend to offer the “Mind my Pet at Carers Place” service – 

then please DO NOT ANSWER in the following section  please just skip that section & go to next page (by scrolling past this next section!)

A Guideline regarding “Mind My Pet At Carers Place” (so you can decide if this is OK for you!):

If you would like to provide "Mind my Pet at Carers Place" – This means that all Pets are treated as well as/like your own Pet's - In YOUR HOME

You can choose the type of pets you wish to offer this service for, and the clients provide ALL of the following for the entire period of their pets stay:

Food, Bed or bedding, Toys, Treats, Medications.

Before any pet comes to stay with you (or is dropped off for a stay) the pet(s) & their owner will come for a “Pet Interview”.

At this time, both you and the client will talk to each other and make sure that that your environment is safe & secure and that, your family (including your pets if you have them) and the clients pet are compatible.

If either you or the client do not wish to proceed – we look after that and let everyone know the outcome!– no problem!


Now – to offer this service you your family (including pets) need to be OK with pet visitors!

Now for the rest of the criteria for offering this service – your environment needs to be right!


You should ONLY  offer this service where IF the pet is outdoors at any time -  They are to be safely contained within your yard/property. All carers Yards must have a minimum of the following elements available for the pet's health, care and comfort at ALL times!

Drinking WATER - clean, fresh, clear, easily accessible and adequate quantities available at all times (indoors and outdoors).

Any and all of your Pet(s) should be parasite and disease free (If it is a genetic, age or other non-contagious/communicable disease obviously this is not an issue).

You MUST provide GOOD Shelter from the elements (Sun/Shade/Heat, Rain/Wind/Sleet/Hail/Snow etc) the pet must have access to this shelter at all times if in your yard/property!

In any shelter - good, comfortable, clean and hygienic & parasite free bedding/housing (i.e. no fleas etc! ).

The 'outdoors yard' MUST be secure from escape. i.e. Fences high enough to keep in the pets you intend to care for, Any fence should also have no missing palings or sections & NO GAPS underneath or around access areas. Gates that are not lockable or securable where a pet could work out how to escape. 

If you are caring for cats – you should be able to contain the cat completely in your home – if you also have a secure cat run – this would be optimal (please let us know!)!

All areas in the house should be SAFE: No toxins (Chemical or plant) - if you have a POOL/Dam or other body of water, a pet should not be able to access the area unless it is fully supervised by you.

Unless you can offer this level of secure and safe environment - or are prepared to make your environment meet this standard – PLEASE do not offer this service!

We would like to note here that we provide carers with an outline / survey to self access your home – we also offer this service to clients (limited areas at this point) and this acts as a good way to rectify any issues – if you wish to have pet stay.

(At times where dogs being walked they must be kept on a secure lead at all other times other than in your yard.

Only Complete this section IF you Selected "Mind my Pet at Carers Place" - otherwise - please SKIP to NEXT PAGE


 Please remember - This Section is to be completed ONLY by those carers who wish to offer the care to pets in their own home "Mind my Pet At Carers Place"

If you are NOT offering this service - please just SCROLL to the bottom of this page and go to "Next Page'


If you wish provide a service in your own home it is important for us to confirm that you are permitted to have pets in your home:

Please answer, 'Yes' , 'No' or 'not sure'


At Home AVAILABILITY : How many hours a day are you available IN YOUR HOME for Pet care?

This helps us to correctly place a clients pets with someone who has a similar routine to yours!


If your routine is different to our checkboxes choices, please describe them here.


What kind of Pet / Home Environment do you offer "In your own home" (Note that the expectation is that you will ALWAYS available Shelter from the elements: Sun/Shade/Heat/Rain/Sleet/Hail/Snow & secure that the 'outdoors/yard' is secure and safe from escape and injury!)

It is useful for us to know your routine of animal care so we can match the right pets for your standard pet care methods!



Example information that helps us - i.e. Rural, Urban, Suburban Apartment, Multi-Unit, House small yard, House with Medium yard, House large yard, townhouse small courtyard, Farm, Hobby Farm etc




We would like to understand your Pet Care environment – So if you will be using any OUTDOOR yard area where pets will/may have access when staying with you

Things to consider:

Do you have secure, strong fencing & securable gates all around the yard/outdoor area?

Is the yard, escape proof for dogs? High enough, strong enough, palings etc. not too wide apart where small dogs/puppies could wiggle through?

i.e. Escape Proof for DOGS generally means - high enough (1.5 to 1.8m)  that it cannot be jumped over, with no objects like  kennels etc. that are close enough to the fence that a dog can use this as a stairway/staging area to get high enough to jump over the fence.  The fence is strong enough to be leant against & firmly shaken by a 90k man without damage & with no holes through or under the fence or gates that the dog can get out. .  Gates & entrances should also be well latched and able to be made secure (pets can be amazing escape artists when they are determined!)

Is there a “special built – escape enclosures for cats”?  

“Escape proof' for cats means you need a either a cat run purpose built to keep them from escaping, &/or there is NO access to the outdoors for cats so they cannot escape)

(Cats are excellent climbers can wiggle through small spaces as well – so those carers who look after cats would need to be pretty vigilant on escape proofing!)

Choose ALL relevant descriptions please!


Please let us know about your pets in this section.  If you are Minding pets in your own home particularly – it is important to know their temperament, species etc so that your pets are OK too! (So we can better try to match clients pets to your situation) - Select ALL types of pets & descriptions regarding other elements from the following list:

Please select ALL relevant description to your situation - It IS Mandatory to Select at LEAST one type of pet in this section: You choose the type of pets you are happy to care for (& have experience of pet care for is recommended too!)

Add what you think is important if you want to care for other pets in your home. We should note that clients who want an "in carers Home' pet sitting service, do a doggie interview (or pet interview) - where you meet them, and their pet in your home - so that you and they are happy to proceed based on how you and their pets, and your pets get along! YOU decide if it is OK!

The informaion you provide can help us to work with you better!


We are just interested in your proximity to a vet location

You choose the type of pets you are happy to care for (& have experience of pet care for is recommended too!)



We would like to know who will be in contact with the pets during their stay with you.


This is a NEW section and some answers are required to be able to complete & “Save & Submit “ your form (You are nearly done!)


Additional Information

referred by, search engine, another site, a friend or another carer told you about us? Otheretc

Seriously - if you are not completely commited to the highest standards of Pet Care Services - then we are not the right place for you to apply to become a carer!


We feel that you will get a better more usuable response when we talk with you!


Are you as excited about starting with us as we are keen to have you join? We do not charge for any of our engagment or training with you - but we DO provide the highest professional support for our clients - their pets and also to you - or carers!


(Answer is Mandatory) Please ensure you let us know!

Don't worry too much about spelling etc as we will fix anything like that before we send it to clients. If you want to talk about your love of animals or about your experiences looking after pets, or about wanting a career caring for pets that is a good option too.... (it is all up to you what you want to say of course!)