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This online application form is divided into three sections:

Section 1: Eligibility Criteria
Section 2: Resume and Cover letter
Section 3: General Background Information

In “Section 2: Resume and Cover letter”, please attach your resume and your cover letter as part of the application form. 

For candidates applying for a mandate in Bolivia, we kindly ask that you provide a Spanish version of your CV but the cover letter can be in English.

If you are applying for more than one position, please submit separate applications.

You can save your application and resume the completion of the form at any time by clicking the links above. Please note you need to click the final CONFIRM button for your application to be processed and considered.

Please note that the selection process can take several weeks for the number of positions posted. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Thank you for your application!

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1.0 General Application Info

See job description for details

See job description for details

See job description for details

See job description for details

See job description for details

See job description for details

See job description for details

Please write the exact post title as written in the job description
1.1 Gender
1.2 Languages
Languages Spoken Written
Other Language
Other Language
Other Language
1.3 Employment Conditions


Please paste your resume as part of this application form. Make sure that that your resume speaks to the skills, qualities, and responsibilities described in the job posting. (see the volunteer opportunities page).

Candidates applying for a mandate in Bolvia, please provide a Spanish version of your resume. Thank you.


4.1 General Information

4.2 Mailing Address

4.3 Contact Information

4.4 Where did you hear about Crossroads?

Please check all that apply. Being specific helps Crossroads to improve its promotion efforts.

4.5 Socio-cultural Profile (optionnal)

Please self-identify below. Being specific helps Crossroads recruit more people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.

Thank you for your interest in the projects of Crossroads International !