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Client Information

Please choose the proper contact type and provide the requested contact information:

  • Field Contact: This contact will receive copies of all field correspondence and engineering reports.
  • Billing Contact: This contact will receive all billing-related correspondence and invoices.
  • Manager Contact: This contact will receive copies of both billing and non-billing related correspondence and engineering reports.


Project Information

Use the description box to provide us with any information we will need to know prior to assessing the structure and choose the deliverables you wish to receive.

Requested Deliverables

The scope of a condition assessment is to collect information on the subject structure in an attempt to determine the type and extent of damage to the structure's components and/or systems. The assessment will include a visual non-destructive evaluation and will discuss or outline additional investigations/testing if deemed to be required.

The scope of drawings is to supplement, support, illustrate and provide permit ready drawings to advance restoration and/or repairs. Plans are prepared based on the information collected during our site visit and/or subsequent investigations.

Note: Requests for non-standard deliverables will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Subject Structure and Owner Information

This is the structure that you would like us to assess. Please fill in all required fields.

Please only enter the structure owner / policyholder info here.  Attorney or Public Adjuster information should be entered in the Third Party Contact Information section below.

Third Party Contact Information

Check the box below if you would like us to contact someone other than the property owner to schedule any visits to the subject structure. Please provide as much information as possible to avoid delays.