Diploma Replacement

Please read and acknowledge before proceeding
  • Replacement diplomas are only issued to the person whose name appears on the original student record.
  • To receive this document from the Archives, you must include a copy of a valid, signed photo ID and payment.
  • Please allow for 7-10 days for processing.
  • The document will be mailed to you; it cannot be emailed or faxed: the raised seal that authenticates the document does not transmit electronically.
  • Requests will not be processed without payment and valid ID.
  • •If you cannot upload a copy of your ID, please proceed to the confirmation page by clicking submit, print the form by clicking the print link located at the bottom of the confirmation page, and mail with a valid, signed photo ID and payment to:

    Archdiocese of Detroit
    12 State Street
    Detroit, MI 48226

The Archdiocese of Detroit holds records for only the schools listed. If your school is not listed, we do not hold the records.

Contact information

I certify that I am requesting a replacement copy of my own high school diploma. I understand this is a replacement copy, not a duplicate copy. I understand that only the person whose name appears on the original student transcript is permitted to request their own replacement diploma. I understand that if a transcript certifying my graduation cannot be located, I cannot be issued a replacement diploma, and my payment will be refunded. This form is for the STUDENT ONLY. Other parties requesting replacement diplomas should contact the Archdiocese of Detroit Archives by mail at 12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226.