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Applications must be received in English. Deadline is February 15, 2016. All fields are required. Attachments must total less than 5MB.

General Information


Provide contact information for references in the text field below. If you have a letter to submit, then please attach below the respective field. Acceptable formats are pdf, doc, and rtf.

Experience and Vision

Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords and Tumblr
Please read these two articles. Then, suggest a tweet and explain how you would promote each on Facebook and with Google Adwords. Finally, explain how you create a post on Tumblr and what type (video, slideshow, text, etc).

"The Philippines Largely Dodged the AIDS Crisis. That's Changing."
"Who Will China’s Huge Water Transfer Project Leave Behind?"

eBook and Lesson Builder Promotion
eBooks have become an important product of the Pulitzer Center. Please take a look at our eBook collection here, choose one that interests you, and describe a promotion plan for its launch. (Please note: You do need to purchase the eBook). The Lesson Builder tool is also an important new initiative for the Center, please explore and describe a communications strategy to increase use among teachers. (under 250 words)

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