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The above applicant has applied for a position with CTI Music Ministries. To better evaluate the applicant’s readiness for a ministry position we have asked that they receive references from three different sources. We ask that no reference be from a family member or peer. When evaluating a reference we look for knowledge of the applicant’s character, spiritual maturity, and musical abilities. Because the applicant could be placed in primitive and stressful conditions while with CTI, it is not in the applicant’s best interest to give an unrealistically positive view of them. An honest, realistic appraisal of the challenges they face will help rather than hinder their application process. If you feel that your comments on this form need further clarification please feel free to call 1-800-543-6205.
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Please evaluate the applicant's overall characteristics

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Ability to Work in Teams
The applicant will be living and working closely with others for an extended period. Please answer/comment on the following:

The applicant may sometimes have to make difficult personal decisions under stressful conditions – e.g. to stay when feeling home sick, to eat or travel when not feeling well.

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Christian Background
Please comment on:

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