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Teach for the Philippines, Inc. internship opportunities give you real world experience and exposure in the fields of social entrepreneurship, education research, and non-profit organization management. Expect to manage your own project, work in a dynamic work environment, and improve the Philippine system of education along the way.

Please ensure that you fill in the form as accurately as possible and to the best of your abilities. Please note that we only accept minimal interns based on our current needs, so admission is competitive. Admissions will be on a rolling basis, so it is in your best interests to send  your application as early as possible. 

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Personal Details

Teach for the Philippines may only admit participants who are Filipino citizens, or persons who have a right to a Filipino citizenship.

Teach for the Philippines may only admit participants who are Filipino citizens, or persons who have a right to a Filipino citizenship.

Numbers only. Do not include or use symbols (+,-,/) to separate digits.

Academic Background

e.g. 3.0, 3.74, 1.15, etc.
For some universities, this is a 4.0. For others it's a 1.0.

(BA, BS, etc.)

e.g. 3.0, 3.74, 1.15, etc.
For some universities, this is a 4.0. For others it's a 1.0.

(MA, PhD, etc.)

Extracurricular and Work Experience

Ex. Swimming Team - Co-captain, Glee Club - VP Finance, Debate Team - President

Ex. University of the Philippines College of Law- Research Assistant, Starbucks - Barista
Resumé / CV

CV Length: One page. If you submit a resume longer than one page, we will only review the first page.

CV Hints & Tips: An effective resume will highlight your most significant achievements/roles in clear and concise language, including

  • Academic achievements
  • Work experience/history
  • Accomplishments, awards, and honors
  • Extra-curricular pursuits, including voluntary work
  • Any other activity or skill that would be relevant to a teaching and leadership role

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These essays seek to give the selection team a better idea of how you think, what matters to you, and why. 

Teach for the Philippines values staff members who not only excel at their day-to-day tasks, but who demonstrate an ability to think deeply and critically about what we do as an organization in order to gain insight into how we can improve ourselves. 

This is your chance to reveal who you are, more than the grades and achievements you noted earlier. As such, please work on them to your best capacity. 

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Track and Time Period

Guardian Consent Form

The Guardian Consent Form is required for all minors (under 18) applying to the program. It is short letter from your parent or guardian allowing you to work with the organization as an intern. The letter must include the following:

  • Parent/guardian's written understanding of what Teach for the Philippines does as an organization
  • Parent/guardian's written understanding of your potential involvement and deployment to public schools
  • Start and end dates in which you wish to do your internship
  • Parent/guardian's signature

Information Sources

Review & Submit

By submitting your application, you are certifying that the information supplied on this application form and in any related materials is your own and is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

Misrepresenting or withholding information is grounds for the denial or revocation of admission. If there is any change in any of the facts given, you must immediately notify the selection committee by e-mailing

By submitting your application you are also acknowledging that you have read, understood and accepted the applicant prerequisites, admissions policies, and application process outlined in this application.

Any materials submitted to Teach for the Philippines in connection with this application become the sole property of Teach for the Philippines and will not be returned, duplicated, or transferred. In submitting your application, you authorize Teach for the Philippines to release your application to our personnel for placement purposes, and grant Teach for the Philippines permission to publish anonymous group biographical data taken from this application.