Professional Development Grant

Criteria and Application Information



The purpose of the Professional Development Grant is to assist coaches with their continuing professional developmental opportunities.



  • The minimum certification required is NCCP Level 1: Fundamentals Coach Certified or equivalent.
  • Be a coach member in good standing with Swim Alberta, Canadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Associations and Swimming Canada.
  • Currently coaching with a Swim Alberta registered club.



Applications are reviewed and assessed based on their individual merit and the objectives of Swim Alberta.

  • Priority will be given to projects that are innovative and creative, plus indicate initiative and self-help on the part of the applicant.
  • There will be a maximum of three $2,500 bursaries per year,  applications should be submitted 60 days prior to the project date.  
  • NCCP training is not eligible.

The Application Process

The following process will be followed so Swim Alberta can deal with applications in a fair, equitable and efficient manner.

  • Submitted applications must be completed online and be submitted 60 days prior to the project date.
  • Swim Alberta will review all applications.
  • Decisions on applications will be communicated directly to the coach and copied to the club president.


Documents Required

  • Cover Letter - A cover letter presenting a clear and complete description of the proposed project.
  • A letter of support from the club president supporting the coaches development and detailing the financial support provided from the swim club.
  • Budget - Budgets need to include the total amount of the project with a breakdown of the costs in category area dependent upon the nature of the project.  ie:  airfare, accommodation, meals, mileage, etc.  Budgets should also include a list of other revenue sources whether they are from the individual, club, or other funding agency.

Reporting and Commitment to the Program

A successful applicant shall submit a report to Swim Alberta within two weeks of the completion date of the project.  This report should include:

  • A description of the outcome of the project.
  • An evaluation of the success of the project in relation to its objectives.  
  • The successful applicant may be requested to present at the Swim Alberta Conference or other coach information session.

A complete set of financial statements of all income and expenses associated with the project must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the project.

Please note:

  • Auditing of financial expenditures may also be requested.
  • Any funding not utilized for the particular project stated on the application shall be returned to Swim Alberta within 60 days of the completion to date of the project.
  • A condition of funding is the coaches club must be a participant in the provincial program and have a representative from their club attend the Swim Alberta Conference on an annual basis. 


For More Information:

Please visit –


Cheryl Humphrey                                                          Kevin Dennis

780-415-1782                                                                780-415-1785                              

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I confirm that:

1.         The information I have provided on this application for a grant is true, complete and correct and I, the applicant, have personally provided it.

2.         I understand that Swim Alberta may decline this application:

(a)        If I have submitted any false statements or concealed a relevant or significant fact as both constitute misrepresentation.

(b)        If I do not comply with any request for information required by the Swim Alberta to effectively administer and maintain the integrity of the program.

3.         I will represent Swim Alberta in a positive manner, and publicly declare support we receive through Swim Alberta.

4.         I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions governing the grant outlined above and accept sole responsibility for the expenditure of the grant funds.

5.         The person responsible for the proposed project is the Applicant.