Luminary Leaders Registration and Recognition

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Luminary Leaders connects youth leaders with formal and informal opportunities to lead within the Association on teams, focus groups, task forces and more, creates opportunities for youth leaders to network with one another and provides recognition for youth who have already demonstrated outstanding leadership and service.  Luminary Leaders is a program of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

All those who register will be added to our growing network of youth leaders and those meeting the criteria for recognition will be awarded. 

Youth are invited to join at any point throughout the year.  Recently bridged youth may complete the registration to earn recognition for their service as a youth, as well as be connected with young adult opportunities. 

You may use this online form to complete your registration or you may download the application at to submit by e-mail or mail. 


Make sure you have the following available to assist you in your completion of this form:
1. contact information for a minister, religious educator or lay leader from your congregation who can support your application
2. contact information for the adult who will be writing your recommendation
3. information about your leadership activities that you may need to help complete sections about your experience

Personal Information
Contact Info

Our online form currently cannot accommodate applicants from outside the United States.  If you are a member of a UUA congregation living outside the US, visit to download a paper version of this form.

If you do not have a congregation, you may use your primary UU community

Additional Information
Providing the following information is optional and will have no bearing on your application.  This information will help us ensure our program is friendly to a broad diversity of youth participants.  We have left the fields blank to allow you the freedom to use your preferred terms.

Additional Contact Information

Congregational Endorsement
Please share the name and contact information for a minister, religious educator or lay leader in your congregation or primary UU community who can support your application.  This person may also be your recommender but must be from your primary UU community.

Recommendation Contact
You must also submit a recommendation from an adult - preferably UU - who has worked with you in a leadership capacity.  Please share the recommendation form with them and ask them to fill it out.  You can download this form at  They may submit it directly to

Experience Profile, Part One

The experience profile is made up of two parts.  The first is a listing of leadership experiences and activities you would like to share with us.  You may add as many experiences here as you like.  You may also skip this section and submit a resume or typed listing directly to
Experience Profile Listing

Click here to add another experience to your profile

Experience Profile, Part Two

The second part of your experience profile is to expand upon up to three of the activities/experiences you listed on the previous page.  Please keep each under 250 words.  Please share your role in the larger structure, what your work entailed, the results/outcomes/impact of your work, why you undertook this experience and what you learned.
Experience Profile Expansion

Click here to add another experience. Please provide no more than three.

Connect to Opportunities

This is your opportunity to let us know what you are interested in.  Luminary Leaders get access to new opportunities, are notified directly of open positions, programs and trainings in their area(s) of interest, and are able to network with other youth leaders. 
Communication Preferences

Possible Opportunities
Below is a sampling of the kinds of events, trainings, positions and other opportunities you can be connected to as a Luminary Leader.  Please check each of the areas in which you would be interested in participating.

Thank you for completing this form!  Hit 'submit' below to review your submission and confirm it.  You have to confirm your submission on the next page for us to get it!  Don't forget to download the recommendation form at and have your recommendation writer submit it to us!

As always, please email with any questions. 

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