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Thank you for your interest in joining Teach For the Philippines!

The online application form is divided into several sections on Personal Information, Academic and Employment Background, Extracurricular Involvement, and Supplemental Information.

In addition to filling these out, you will also need to:
  1. Submit a Letter of Intent
  2. Respond to a few short essay questions
  3. Provide two (2) character references
  4. Provide proof of Filipino citizenship (PDF of scanned copy of birth certificate or any government-issued ID) 
If you do not have proof of Filipino citizenship, please contact
Please limit all attachments to 3 MB. You can upload all the required documents on the last page of this application form. 

Fields marked with a red asterisk are required to save the form and resume at a later time. ALL fields must be completed in their entirety before the Human Resources Team can process your application.

To ensure you do not lose your work, please save your progress by selecting the "Save my progress and resume later" box found both at the top and bottom of each page.
Personal Details

FULL NAME (As it appears on your birth certificate)

Put 'none' if without affiliation


Online Profiles

Kindly separate with commas


Please rate your level of proficiency in both spoken and written English and Filipino. Use the following descriptions as guides:

  • Native: Capable of expressive communication in any situation with native speakers.
  • Proficient: Advanced vocabulary, high variation of tenses, good communication with native speakers.
  • Intermediate: Medium vocabulary, some tense variation, simple communication in practical situations.
  • Basic: Basic vocabulary and simple grammar.

Kindly separate with commas

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If school is not on the list, use the Other University field to identify your college / university

If school is not on the list, use the Other University field to identify your college / university

Optional: for non-Philippine and non-US applicants

Highest Possible GPA

If not easily available, you may use this GPA calculator to assist you in computing your current grade standing. Teach for the Philippines is in no way affiliated with the website and only provides this link as courtesy to you.

The highest possible GPA is the scale your university uses, and NOT the highest possible GPA you can still get by the time of graduation. For example, some universities use 1.0 as their highest grade, while other universities use 4.0 or 5.0.


Using the GPA calculator

  1. Choose "Philippines" from the Country drop-down
  2. Choose the grading system that applies to your school from the next drop-down (i.e. Please choose "Most Common Tertiary" for schools where a 1.0 is the highest possible GPA, and choose "De La Salle University" for schools that use a 4.0 grading system).
  3. Enter your Course Name, Units (Credits or hours) and Grade to calculate. Please enter all the academic courses you have taken that count towards your final GPA and submit the total in the field below.

For example, do you feel your GPA is reflective of your potential?


City, State (for schools in the US), and Country
Employment Background

If applicable, fill out the line items below with most recent details. For those without prior job experience, please leave the following fields blank.

Including specific goals and results will be helpful to us.

Professional Accreditation

Related to any professional accreditation only

Extracurricular Involvement: Identify a school or socio-civic organization, athletic or varsity team with which you are / were most involved.

For example: Vice President of Public Affairs

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Essay Questions

1000 character limit

1000 character limit

1000 character limit
Character References

List 2 character references. The best references are supervisors from previous employment, an academic adviser or professor (if recently graduated).

Supplemental Information


Career Options

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Scanned PDF. 3 MB size limit.

Please limit to ONE (1) page. PDF preferred. 3 MB size limit.

Scanned PDF. 3 MB size limit.

Scanned PDF

Optional. 3 MB size limit.
Review & Submit

By submitting your application, you are certifying that the information supplied on this application form and any related material is your own, accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

Misrepresenting or withholding information is grounds for denial or revocation of admission. If there is any change in any of these facts, you must immediately notify the selection committee by e-mailing

By submitting your application you are also acknowledging that you have read, understood and accepted the applicant prerequisites, admissions policies, and application process outlined in this application.

Any materials submitted to Teach for the Philippines in connection with this application become the sole property of Teach for the Philippines and will not be returned, duplicated, or transferred. In submitting your application, you authorize Teach for the Philippines to release your application to our personnel for placement purposes and grant Teach for the Philippines permission to publish anonymous group biographical data taken from this application.

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY: Teach for the Philippines is committed to a policy of equal treatment and opportunity in every aspect of its relations with its applicants, batch members, and staff members, without regard to race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or parenthood.  

CRIMINAL RECORDS/PROCEEDINGS:In line with its Child Protection Policy, Teach for the Philippines reserves the right to deny admission to or dismiss any potential applicant who has been involved in a criminal proceeding other than a minor traffic violation, regardless of the outcome. This includes criminal matters that were handled by a juvenile court and final determinations that are under seal or otherwise expunged from the public record. In addition, Teach for the Philippines reserves the right to inform the Department of Education in which the participant is teaching or planning to teach of the member’s conviction records or ongoing involvement in criminal proceedings.                                                                                                  

If, through background checks conducted by Teach for the Philippines, it is found that there is a charge against a selected applicant other than a minor traffic violation, and the selected applicant did not disclose it in the application, this may be treated as falsification or misrepresentation, which are grounds for dismissal.                                                                                                       

FALSIFICATION/MISREPRESENTATION: Falsification or misrepresentation of any sort on the application or supporting materials is grounds for non-admission or dismissal.                                                                                                                                                                                            ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Teach for the Philippines may require additional information from applicants before determining whether to invite them to a phone and/or final interview.   Teach for the Philippines reserves the right to collect information from applicants at a later date and use this information in admissions decisions.                                                                                                  

FEEDBACK: We are unable to provide individual feedback about admissions decisions to applicants who are not accepted at any stage of the application process given the volume of applications for both Staff and Fellowship, that Teach for the Philippines receives.