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Thank you for your interest in becoming certified as a Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA). Please complete this form and submit it for consideration. Eligible candidates (those that have met the prerequisites) will be required to pass a written and oral exam.


Note: Before beginning this application, please make sure that you have three references, your resume/bio, a head-shot (JPEG), and Letter of Intent, telling us why you want the designation and how you intend to use it (up to 500 words). Please be ready to upload each file as a separate document.


Fee: The certification fee covers the cost of your written and oral examinations and is $750 plus tax, upon approval of the application. Payment must be made prior to sitting the exams. In the event a candidate does not pass the written they may re-sit the exam up to 3 times at no extra charge. In the event a candidate does not pass the oral exam they may re-sit the exam up to 3 times at a cost of $300, $400 & $500 respectively.


FEX will send candidates an invoice with payment instructions. There is no annual fee to maintain a FEA certification however; FEA designates are required to maintain a current FEX membership and adhere to continuing education requirements of 7 CE credits per calendar year.


D) References  Please provide 3 references from people with whom you have worked with in relation to business family advising (If possible, at least one of the references should be a client).  Please include: name, company, phone # and/or email.


For the protection of the public and the FEA certification, you are required to answer all questions fairly, and to disclose to FEX anything which you consider might adversely affect your application. Please note that any information you present here will remain confidential.

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, please provide relevant details including organization, dates, charges, places, court orders and court documents with full particulars.


By clicking “I AGREE” below, you declare that:

  • The information that you have provided is accurate and complete.
  • You understand that FEX has the sole discretion to approve or reject your application