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Thank you for your interest in becoming certified as a Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA). Please complete this form and submit it for consideration.

Eligible candidates (those that have met the prerequisites, as outlined in the FEA Certification Process document,) will be required to pass a written and oral exam. 

You must complete the exams within 18 months of completing the course work for the FEA designation.


Note: Before beginning this application, please make sure that you have three references, your resume/bio, a head-shot (JPEG), and Letter of Intent, telling us why you want the designation and how you intend to use it (up to 500 words). Please be ready to upload each file as a separate document.


Fee: The certification fee, which covers the cost of your written and oral examinations, is included in your FEA Program fee. In the event a candidate does not pass the written exam, they may re-sit the exam up to 3 times at no additional cost. In the event a candidate does not pass the oral exam, they may re-sit the exam up to 2 times at an additional cost of $350 per attempt. 


There is no annual fee to maintain a FEA certification, however, FEA designates are required to maintain a current Family Enterprise Canada membership (annual cost: $1,495 plus tax) and adhere to continuing education requirements of 7 CE credits per year. CE credits are not required in the year of designation.


D) References  Please provide 3 references from people with whom you have worked with in relation to business family advising (If possible, at least one of the references should be a client).  Please include: name, company, phone # and/or email.


For the protection of the public and the FEA certification, you are required to answer all questions fairly, and to disclose to FEC anything which you consider might adversely affect your application. Please note that any information you present here will remain confidential.

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, please provide relevant details including organization, dates, charges, places, court orders and court documents with full particulars.


You are scheduled to participate in the FEA Examination process (the “FEA Exams”). The information disclosed and discussed during the FEA Exams includes both the written examination and the oral assessment and is to be treated as confidential. Therefore, as a condition of FEC, you agree to the terms and conditions contained below:


1.       You will treat “Information” discussed in connection with the FEA Exams as strictly confidential and will not disclose such Information to anyone without FEC’s written consent. For this purpose "Information" refers to all information disclosed or discussed during the FEA Exams, including questions asked, any financial, technical, commercial or other  information concerning the FEA Exams (whether prepared by FEC or the adjudicators or others), but shall not include (a) information which was already in your possession (other than disclosure by FEC) prior to the date hereof; (b) information which in its entirety has become public knowledge, by publication or otherwise, through no fault or breach by you of this letter agreement; or (c) information obtained by you from a third party which is under no obligation to FEC with respect to the confidentiality of such Information”.


2.       You agree that you will use “Information” only for the purposes of participating in the FEA Exams, and for no other purpose whatsoever. In particular, and without limiting the forgoing, you will not at any time disclose the Information to other applicants for designation as Family Enterprise Advisors, and you will not de-compile or reverse engineer the “Information” or use the “Information” to develop, or cause to develop, all or part of any business method, derivative work, process or product whether for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.


3.       You may discuss the Oral Assessment Case (the “Case”) with the participants who are scheduled to sit the oral assessment in the same session as yourself.


4.       You agree that you will not copy or reproduce in any part or form the written exam or the Case document and on conclusion of the Oral Assessment you will delete/destroy any electronic or paper copies of the Case document.


5.       This letter agreement shall be construed in accordance with and governed by laws of your province of residence.


To confirm that you acknowledge and agree to the terms set out above, please click on “I Agree” in the Declaration below.