OWASP Foundation Event Submission

This form has been deprecated.  Please fill out the form at the OWASP Event Request Portal
Tell us what TYPE of event you are planning

Global AppSec Conference - Multiple days of multi-track plenary sessions AND pre-conference training.  Conference schedules, trainings, budget and logistics are reviewed by the OWASP Staff.  These events are high level and receive the full support of the OWASP Foundation

Local or Regional Event - These events can vary greatly in duration, size, and structure depending on the vision and goals of the local volunteers organizing the event.  These events are primarily planned and implemented by the local team using the platform established by the Foundation.

Partner Event - OWASP partners with another non-profit organization to co-host an event.  These events usually require a contract that will need to be reviewed by the Foundation

Promotional and Outreach Event - These events usually involve a paid or "in-kind" sponsorship at a conference that is completely hosted by another organization.  This sponsorship may take the shape of a booth, hosted competition, lanyards, bags, flyers, or other promotional items.  These events will require review for budgeting and funding.

Training Event - These events are OWASP branded events that have only training sessions with no plenary sessions.

Provide Some Details of the Event

Proposed Event name, see the wiki for naming conventions

Event Twitter account
OWASP Promotion of Event
If this event is going to be promoted on the OWASP wiki and in the OWASP Newsletter, then we must have an agreement with the partner organization on file.

Financial Details of your Event

Regardless of Event Type, ALL financial transactions must be managed by the Foundation.  This includes registration, sponsorship, and payments.

Contractual Details of your Event

Regardless of Event Type, ALL contracts must be reviewed, approved, and signed by the Foundation staff.

If multiple venue's are in review, add them in the description

Who is involved with this Event?

Core planning team