Pardes Center for Jewish Educators - Recommendation Form

The above applicant is a candidate for study at the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators.

The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators (PCJE) offers professional development opportunities for educators in North America and several programs in Israel to train Jewish Studies teachers for Jewish day schools as well as experiential educators. See our website for details about the PCJE programs in Israel (, which include intensive study of Jewish texts in the Pardes beit midrash, Hebrew ulpan and graduate level education courses. The programs are generously funded and are selective in admissions.

We are seeking candidates who have a textual and Hebrew background, an outstanding academic record, proven experience in formal or experiential education, a strong personal Jewish commitment, solid work ethic and first-rate interpersonal skills.

Thank you for serving as a reference. Please feel free to elaborate upon the questions below and also to request a confidential conversation with the Director if there are areas which you prefer to discuss on the phone. 

2. Please rate the applicant in the following areas. Check "Cannot assess" if you have not had direct contact with the applicant in any category. If necessary, please explain these ratings as part of your discussion in the questions below.

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9. Referee Details:

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