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Research Methods
The Research Methods seminar is required ONLY for those students who are considering or have chosen to complete a thesis or capstone project as part of their degree. It is suggested that students attend the seminar during the summer in which they will complete 20 credit hours in the program. This is a guideline, not a firm rule. It may be appropriate for some students to attend earlier (or later) than the 20 hour mark.

Students on the Qualifying Exam track should NOT attend this seminar. 

NOTE: The Thesis and Capstone Projects tracks are open ONLY to MAHG students. MASTAHG students will take the Qualifying Exam in lieu of a Thesis or Capstone Project.

The purpose of the Research Methods seminar is to introduce students to the research process, the scholarly resources available through the university, and the requirements of a thesis or capstone project proposal. Students will meet once for about two hours as a group to go over the research and proposal process, then meet again as a group with a research librarian from the AU Library for a discussion of the resources available to students. These sessions are scheduled based upon the availability of students interested in attending the seminar.

After these group meetings, the student will work individually with Professor Stevens to develop their thesis or capstone project proposal. The student may the commence work on their thesis or capstone project once their proposal is deemed complete and approved by Professor Stevens.
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