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Pending we are able to find a rescue in or near your hometown to perform a home check. Anyone who is considering adoption and who lives further than 50 miles from Little Yorkie Rescue, located in (Lorain, OH) or where the rescue is being fostered you must be willing and able to pick up the rescue animal or to make arrangements for transport of the animal. 
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Veterinarian: (For Reference info) 

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Family Members / Others Living in the Home

Adoption Agreement
1. I am prepared to make a 10 to 15 year commitment to my rescue dog.
2. I will keep my rescue dog on a regular routine of heartworm preventative.
3. I will provide flea/tick control as needed.
4. I will work with my vet and agree on a regular schedule for wellness visits, inoculations, and any other tests we agree are necessary for the health and well-being of my dog,
5. I will not chain or tie-up my dog and leave it outside alone. 
6. My dog will be an indoor dog and an important member of my family.
7. If, for any reason, I am unable or unwilling to keep this dog, I agree to return him/her to the care of Little Yorkie Rescue.
8. I will not give this dog away, take it to a shelter, place him/her with another person or family member, or sell this dog to any other person without the express permission of the Little Yorkie Rescue.
9. If the dog goes missing or is stolen please contact Little Yorkie Rescue so that we can aide in the search efforts. 
10. If I change vet's for whatever reason, I will notify Little Yorkie Rescue with the new vet's information within one week of changing. I will also include a detailed outline of why the change was necessary. 
11. I am financially able to provide routine and emergency care for his/her lifetime. This includes but is not limited to routine vet. visits, food, heartworm, flea and tick preventative and boarding (if necessary).

Foster Agreement
     By agreeing to Foster you are doing so as an advocate of Little Yorkie Rescue (LYR). In doing so you are fully aware that any and all rescues animals surrendered to you on behalf of LYR that you are responsible for getting them to and from Vet appointments, providing proper care and nutrition and reporting any health issues to LYR. By providing your electronic signature below you are agreeing to Foster and monitor the behavior of and to socialize the animal to determine its adaptability and reporting them to LYR. In the event that you are no longer able or willing to care for any of the rescues placed in your care you Must make arrangement to turn any and all rescues and any offspring whelped while in your care over to LYR or another advocate/Foster of LYR. In the event that you refuse and that LYR has to use legal means to enforce this contract, be aware that any and all cost to regain possession of the rescue animal will be at the expense of the Foster. 
Please keep in mind that the team here at Little Yorkie Rescue (LYR) is ran by volunteers who have a limited amount of time to contact you about your application.  Their time is valued and they can not continue to make numerous attempts to contact you. Once a member of LYR's team has contacted you and has not received a response within 48 hrs we will have no choice than to move onto the next person. However this does not mean that we do no want you as an adopte, it simply means that in order to continue our mission to save as many rescues as we can, we must move in a timely manner. 
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