HomeKeeper Data Collection Checklist

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About You
Are you collecting the National Performance data fields?
Representatives and researchers from the Homeownership field helped Grounded Solutions assemble a standardized list of data fields to be used to measure program performance and impacts, as well as procedures required to collect other important information. These are the procedures you'll need to be following going forward and fields you'll need to be collecting in order to receive a complete Social Impact Report once you get your data into HomeKeeper.

 If you'd like to fill out a hard copy before submitting the online download a PDF of the Data Collection Checklist.
Procedures for HomeKeeper Success
The following are procedures Homeownership programs must do, or begin to do in order to get the most out of HomeKeeper. If your program hasn't ever done the following or is just looking to begin to track this information, HomeKeeper staff is here to support you in succeeding, so please do not hesitate to select Sometimes or Never. In our Getting Started Meeting we'll explain the implications in HomeKeeper so that you can make an educated decision about alternative options or procedural changes.

Select whether your program currently always, sometimes or never does the following procedures, and historically always, sometimes or never did the following procedures (Eg. if you didn't always do the procedure historically, select "Sometimes.". 

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