Commissioning Liturgical Ministers

IMPORTANT: Please read the guidelines below before proceeding.

Archdiocese of Detroit
Office for Christian Worship

Process for Commissioning Liturgical Ministers

In the years following Vatican II the liturgical ministries of lector (reader) and extraordinary minister of Holy Communion have become common in most parishes. The preparation for these ministries includes an opportunity to deepen the person's understanding of the Eucharist.  Such an opportunity needs to be extended to many persons in the parish thus the commissioning of these ministers has a time limit. Archbishop Vigneron has recently extended the time limit to five years with an opportunity to renew once. The Office for Christian Worship has created a data base that will eventually contain the names of all who have been called to these ministries.  The following represents the process for commissioning these liturgical ministers in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

  • After prayerfully considering the needs of the parish community it is the pastor/or his delegate who invites persons in the community in whom he perceives the necessary prayerfulness and possible skill for each of these ministries to begin a process of formation.
  • The pastor/or his delegate provides the theological and practical formation for these persons.  He may do this himself, through another person well-versed in the theology of the Eucharist, or through resources of the Office for Christian Worship.  (See the Handbook for EMHC and Handbook for Lectors for a list of topics to address).
  • After the formation is complete it is the pastor/or his delegate who, with the candidate, discerns readiness of the candidates to be commissioned in this ministry.
  • The pastor/or his delegate then completes and submits this digital request with a list of names of those whom he wishes to have certified for these ministries.
  • Once the letter is received, the Office for Christian Worship will respond by creating an appropriate certificate for each person named and send these to the pastor.
  • All names submitted will be added to the Office data base for that ministry.

Please remember:

  1. A person is commissioned for one particular parish community named on the certificate.
  2. This certification is for 5 years and needs to be renewed after that time has expired.
  3. At the end of the 5 year period a reminder will be sent by the Office for Christian Worship listing those whose commissioning is about to cease.
  4. Reminders will be sent at the beginning of the year and the pastor will have the whole year to submit the names of those to be commissioned for the next 5 years.
  5. Ministers may be commissioned for a second period of 5 years and then must take time off to give others in the community the opportunity to serve...this enables the pastor to call forth new people in the parish for this ministry offering them the opportunity for a deeper formation in the theology of the Eucharist.
  6. If it happens that a person is worshiping at a parish other than the one they are commissioned for...the pastor of that parish may, if necessary, call upon your service for a particular celebration...Remember you always serve at the request of the pastor.
As pastor/administrator of:

I request that the following parishioners be commissioned.  I have provided theological formation and practical training and have discerned that they are prepared for this ministry.

I.  Request to Commission Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Name of Eucharistic Minister
ex. John Doe
II.  Request to Commission Lectors
Name of Lector
ex. John Doe
ex. 01/01/2014