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A.C.T. Intl
We are extremely excited about your inquiry into all the Lord is doing through Artists in Christian Testimony Intl and look forward to hearing more about your ministry calling.  

A.C.T. Intl is a ministry and missions sending agency providing non-profit status, organizational structure, and ministerial validation to enable you to pursue your ministry goals and desires.  Your ministry efforts would be fully funded by the support you raise and revenue you generate through your Ministry Department.

Information you need to know about this online application.
  1. If your Spouse is also applying to be a staff member, he/she must complete the Spouse Application -
  2. If you have other Team Members serving in your ministry, each of them must complete the Team Member Application - 
  3. There are several places within the application where you can upload a file to provide requested information - Occupation Resume, Ministry History, Ministry Mission & Goals, samples of your Ministry. There is a 20 MB limit for the total size of all uploaded files on the form.  If you have additional materials that you'd like to submit, you can email them to or mail them to PO Box 1649, Brentwood, TN 37024.
We highly recommend that you save your progress after every page and at any point in which you to need to pause your work on the application. You can save by clicking the "Save my progress and resume later" link at the top or bottom of each page.

If you need assistance with this application, please contact Judie Heumann at / 615-376-7861

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This can be changed, but what do you currently call your ministry or what do you anticipate calling it? It can simply be your name if you don't have another ministry name.
A.C.T. Intl does not discriminate based on nationality, ethnic origin, age, or gender. 
We ask these questions simply to get to know who you are.
Contact Details
Please enter your current address below:
Include area code (and country code if outside of North America)
Include area code (and country code if outside of North America)
Include area code (and country code if outside of North America)
Include area code (and country code if outside of North America)
Proper Abbreviation Please (i.e., TN)

Marital History
Being separated, divorced, or remarried does not automatically eliminate you from consideration as A.C.T. Intl staff.

To give us some more information to better help us evaluate your qualification for ministry leadership and then to stand with you if your qualification is ever questioned, we request that you submit the Marital History Form.

Before clicking on the Marital History Form link below, save your work (link to save is in bottom right corner of this page) on this application so that you can come back and finish it.

Click Here to access the Marital History Form.
Spouse will need to complete the Spouse Application if also applying for staff status -
Fiancée/Fiancé can complete the Spouse Application if also applying for staff status.
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Church Reference
Pastor or other Church leader that knows you best
Proper Abbreviation Please (i.e., TN)
Include area code (and country code if outside of North America)
Please send the following link to the Pastor/Church Leader you listed above to fill out on your behalf -
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A.C.T. Intl community of ministries actually has multiple organizations. Review the list and brief descriptions below and indicate which organization you believe fits you best.

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl - This is clearly a Christian ministry and missions organization mobilizing artistic and innovative ministers and missionaries around the world.

Innovative Ministries Intl - This not a separate organization, but instead it is a division of Artists in Christian Testimony Intl for ministries that do not have an obvious artistic focus in their ministry strategies.

Artists for Community Transformation Intl - This organization is for our ministries that are serving in parts of the world that are not open to Christian ministry efforts or who are have ministry strategies that require that they not be identified as a Christian organization. There are specific guidelines for the types of ministries that will fit in the organization, which will be discussed with you, if you feel like this is the organization in which you best fit.

Every new staff member will be accepted as Provisional Staff
Provisional Status will authorize those invited to be a ministry of A.C.T. Intl to immediately begin functioning as a department of A.C.T. Intl, but there are specific department objectives that must be reached before given full staff status. Provisional Status will be further explained to you during the application process.

Each Band and/or Ministry Team Member needs to complete the Team Member
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International Ministry
Proper abbreviation (USA for example) preferred
Proper abbreviations are acceptatble
Personal/Ministry/Work Reference
Please provide the contact info for two references.
Reference 1
Include area code (and country code if outside of North America)
Reference 2
Include area code (and country code if outside of North America)
Artists in Christian Testimony Intl (A.C.T. Intl) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age or disability is prohibited.

Because A.C.T. Intl is a religious organization, it exercises those rights afforded to religious organizations, which allow the use of religious qualifications and tenets in personnel actions.
Thank you for your interest in A.C.T. Intl and taking the time to provide us with the information requested in this application.

Someone will follow-up with you shortly to guide you through the next steps of the Candidate Process.