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Rural Fast Track Grant Application (OLD)

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Before submitting an application, your local economic development representative must review the project and provide the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) a letter of support with this application that states that the project meets the criteria set forth by GOED and explains how the project promotes business and economic development within the community. A list of county economic development representatives is found here
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For questions related to this form, please contact Linda Gillmor,

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Company Information

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Entity must have at least 2 FTE's - full-time employees as shown on DWS quarterly form – 33H. RFT applications from businesses without a minimum of 2 FTE’s listed on the DWS form 33H will not be accepted.

Job Creation Incentive
Jobs must meet the percent-above the current county average wage in order to qualify. A list of county average wages can be found here (right click and select 'open in new tab'). Jobs created prior to the date of a signed contract with the State of Utah are ineligible. Position must be kept in place for at least 12 months before Job Creation incentive funds are disbursed.

Business Development Incentive
Business development incentive can be used for (but not limited to) the purchase of and/or the construction of a new building (or add on to an existing building), equipment, value-added agriculture, leisure & hospitality (certain NAICS codes), etc. 

The incentive CANNOT be used for (but not limited to) retail, leisure & hospitality (exceptions for retail and l&h are made in certain eligible counties and depending on NAICS code), non-specialized vehicles, computer/laptops, bare ground etc. "Retail" means a business or person that sells goods to an end-user or consumer. Please contact Linda Gillmor with the Office of Rural Development for more information.

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