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Welcome to the first stop on the Ashoka-LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace! Simply submit the form below to place an ad on the Marketplace and have it targeted to volunteers with skill sets that can meet your needs. We'll contact you if we need more information and also when your ad goes live. You will receive volunteer applications directly in your inbox. We'll remind you when your ad is about to expire and will give you the option of extending or removing it. Or you can contact us at any time at volunteers@ashoka.org. Happy recruiting!
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Ashoka Partners are organizations that work with Ashoka to achieve widespread impact through innovative collaborations. Pooling our strengths we build the network required to scale effective solutions to our most pressing social and environmental challenges.

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Answer these questions or include your own description. 1. Why was your organization founded? 2. Who does it help? 3. How does it help them? 4. Why is your work important? 

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Please include the answers to the following questions 1. What is the specific project? 2. What is its goal? 3. What tasks will you want the volunteer to do? 4. Why will their work be important?

Be specific as to language, skill and education requirements. This will steer your posting to the most qualified applicants.
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Select On-site if it is important for the volunteer to be on site in order to achieve the goals of this position;
Select Virtual if the volunteer can work remotely and does not need to be on site;
Select Both if the volunteer must be on-site periodically but can also work virtually to achieve the goals of this position.
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Your ad will be seen by volunteers searching LinkedIn for opportunities, but it will also be targeted to the inboxes of professionals with the skills defined in your ad in up to five additional cities anywhere in the world. Consider adding state/country capitals, large cities within reasonable travel distance to the job site, international cities with a large diaspora from your home country, or cities with large universities, law schools or tech centers depending on your needs. You choose!
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