Application for Firewalker Writing Retreats

If you are called to write, you must heed that call. 

It's not an easy call to answer, yet with the right tools, structure, and support, you can know yourself as the writer that you are.  

Whether it's a book, or simply the need to express through writing, Firewalker Writing Retreats is the place to come home to yourself.

By completing this application, together we can determine if the program is a fit for you - and if you are a fit for this program.  

Please answer each question honestly, openly and completely.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtful answers to the questions.

Thank you for your interest!

Your Writing Life

Your Vision

If you are ABSOLUTELY positive you are NOT writing a book, you can skip the rest of this section and the next section.  Please pick back up in the section titled "Almost There!"

Almost there! To develop yourself as a writer, you must have commitment and perseverance! So, looking at your life as a whole...

Now rate the level of balance in your life. For each area of your life, listed below, rate how balanced it feels for you now (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent)

Working with a Coach...

By taking the time to answer these questions, we can determine if Firewalker Writing Retreats are a fit for you. Once you complete this application, we will schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute session to complete the application. 

Write on!