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General information

Commission Information

This is how many people/pets you have in the portrait

This is the size of the paper the portrait will be on

if you are unsure please contact me

Mounting is the 1.5mm board the portrait is fixed to, this will help stop the portrait from warping over the years

If we have discussed before hand a bespoke size, please explain here, if we have not yet talked about this please email me to discuss first

If we have discussed before hand a different style, please advise here or just put, (see previous emails)

Please enter the amount of subjects we have discussed for the portrait

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Framing service

Frame choices can be found in the ordering section of the form

If you have discussed with me before hand what frame you want please fill in this section, (unsure type, see previous emails)

If we have discussed an alternative mount colour please enter here
Payment options and date required

All details will be given in the final invoice, please be aware that a 3% surcharge will be added on the invoice if PayPal is selected.
Upload your photo(s)

If you have more than 5 photos please send them in a separate mail, please only include the ones you want the portraits creating from in these boxes

Any other comments or requests
Quick survey

when you searched the Internet to find an artist like me, what key word or phrase did you enter to find me, eg, pencil portrait artist, please be as accurate as possible as this will help me greatly in the future

Thats it!! 

Work won't be booked in until we have both agreed for work to commence