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CLTA is able to continue its mission because of your support and generosity. Select one or more funds to help ensure that our work continues. Every donation counts!.

CLTA General Fund
Donations made to the CLTA General Fund will be used to support CLTA's efforts in advocacy, webinars and for other expenses associated with administering our organization. COVID has hit us especially hard, and any donation you can make at this time is much appreciated.

LangAbroD Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is to help defray travel expenses for members who wish to improve their fluency in the language they teach by visiting a country where that language is spoken. The LangAbroD is a stand-alone grant. CLTA encourages teachers who apply for Study Abroad Grants to apply for LangAbroD Scholarship simultaneously. READ MORE

Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship provides financial support to enable one or more members to travel abroad for the purpose of improving their competency and skills in language teaching and augmenting their knowledge of culture and language through travel and/or formal study. READ MORE.

Sidney Gorman Scholarship Fund
This scholarship provides financial support to enable new teachers (who have been teaching for fewer than 5 years) to improve their competency and skills in language teaching and to augment their knowledge of culture and language through participation in CLTA’s annual statewide conference. READMORE

Sylvia Jones Legacy Scholarship Fund
This scholarship provides financial support to one or more mid-career teachers who have been teaching languages between 10-20 years to attend the CLTA/CWLP Summer Seminar. READ MORE

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