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The information below is not required and you may select “Prefer not to answer”.  Eligibility for TALA programs is not affected by your answers to these questions. The answers to the following five questions will only be used in the aggregate for reporting purposes. 

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TALA is not staffed to provide emergency legal or accounting assistance. Please be prepared to wait for your application to be processed and a volunteer matched to your case. TALA does not charge for professional services. Once a referral has been made, however, clients are responsible for filing and other fees. TALA does not ask its volunteers to litigate matters. Volunteers will, however, try to negotiate a solution on your behalf and/or advise you on the merits of resolving your dispute through mediation or in small claims court. I understand that TALA can neither guarantee that it will be able to refer my case to a volunteer nor that the representation will be successful. TALA is merely a referral organization. I understand that TALA makes no representation as to the skill of the referral attorney/accountant. I understand that I will be represented by the volunteer or the volunteer’s firm and not by TALA. I agree that in the event litigation or arbitration becomes necessary, I will not oppose my volunteer’s decision to withdraw from representation. I agree to promptly notify TALA if I no longer need the assistance of a volunteer.
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Your card will be charged $250 for the TALA membership fee.