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Instructions for Completion and Submittal

  1. Complete each section of the form and attach any required documents, as applicable.
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Account Manager/Billing Information
Use this section to designate the person responsible for account log-in and payment authorization credentials.

Designate an account manager with authority to make credit card payments.

Must be the primary email of the designated contact/account manager.
Fee Schedule
AACE website listing should appear as follows:
This information will be listed on our website upon approval of your application.
$3,500.00 - for one fee, you may offer unlimited courses listed and maintained on your website, which will allow control over your content and showcase the most current course information.  You may use AACE International's AEP logo (provided separately after your application is approved) on your website and course materials which have been registered with and approved by AACE International.  

We will list your company on our website, in an alphabetical format.  The listing will include your:
  • Logo
  • Company name
  • Website link
  • Country
  • A 150-word company description & overview (see website for sample descriptions)
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Company Overview & Verification 
This information will provide verification that your company is qualified to offer educational courses and that it has been teaching for a least one year.  For any AACE certification review courses, you must provide verification that the course instructor(s) actively holds the certification.  Samples of company verification may include your business charter, articles of incorporation, proof of accreditation by an appropriate accrediting body or evidence of proprietorship.  Samples of teaching verification may be a list of attendees from a course taught at least one year prior to application, or some other authenticated verification.

List the subjects and timeline to be covered.

AEP Course Materials For Review 
Use this section to describe your course & materials and so it can be applied to Total Cost Management Framework and Recommended Practice 11R-88: Required Skills and Knowledge of a Cost Engineer. 

Your summary should provide a high level overview of the course.
What should the student should be able to do after the course?
What can the student expect to learn from this course?
Who will benefit from the course?
Outline or Agenda
This will list the subject to be covered and timeline of the instruction.

List the subjects and timeline to be covered.

This will list the breakdown of each teaching section. The Syllabus is critical and will serve as the key document for mapping the course to the TCM Framework.  Please provide sufficient detail to fully describe the course offering (PowerPoint slides or other presentation media are not accepted in lieu of a syllabus).  

List breakdown of each teaching section to be covered with sufficient detail to fully describe the course offering (PowerPoint slides or other presentation media are not accepted in lieu of a syllabus).

This will list who is teaching your course and assess if they are qualified.  You must provide a resume or CV for each instructor to verify their qualifications to teach the course. REMINDER: If the course is for a certification review course, the instructor must actively hold the certification.

List each instructor and their qualifications to teach the course.

PowerPoint and Class Handout
Use this section to provide your course presentation and handouts if you teach an AACE certification review course (CCP, PSP, etc).  Reminder: the instructor must actively hold the certification.

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AEP Agreement to Conditions of Participation:

1.       Content of courses offered must be relevant to the field of cost and management and able to be mapped to the current editions of the Total Cost Management (TCM) Framework, Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering, and Recommended Practices. 


2.       Learning objectives and method of instruction for courses must be clearly stated on promotional materials and to prospective participants. 


3.       Attendance records for each course must be maintained for at least one year.


4.       AEP must present each attendee with a certificate of completion or a letter supporting the attendee’s participation. The certificate or letter must include the course title, course number (if applicable), date of completion, and the number of continuing education units (CEU) and professional development hours (PDH earned during the course. 


5.       Substantive participant comments included in post-course evaluations must be considered when making necessary improvements to the course.  AEP will provide completed post-course evaluations to AACE upon request to ensure attendees’ satisfaction.    


6.       AEP may offer AACE certification preparatory courses only upon the review and approval of the syllabus and slide presentations by AACE’s Education Board.


7.       AEP’s course content must not contain copyrighted material unless permission in writing from AACE is obtained and material is cited as AACE’s intellectual property.  The majority of course content must be the AEP’s original work.   


8.       AEP must use qualified instructors who are experts in the topics they are presenting. In the case of AACE certification preparatory courses, AEP’s instructors must hold a valid certification in the subject area they are teaching. 


9.       AEP must adhere to the AACE International Canons of Ethics in the conduct of their courses


10.    AEPs are prohibited from delivering AACE examinations through computer-based testing, or any other delivery mode. Therefore, if a company applying to be an AEP is already an authorized computer-based testing center that delivers AACE certification exams or is in the process of becoming a testing center or plans to become a testing center in the future, the details of such must be disclosed to AACE International. Failure to comply shall disqualify the company from the AEP program and may be subject to ethics violations. 


11.    AEP must abide by the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act and equivalent laws of the international community when marketing to AACE members and certification holders. AEP must provide the option to opt-out of future mailings and honor recipients’ opt-out requests in a timely manner. 


12.    The AEP logo must only be used in conjunction with those courses that have been registered and approved by the AACE International Education Board.


13.    AEP understands and accepts that as a participant in the AEP program, AACE International reserves the sole and exclusive right to terminate participation in the program if it has been determined that the organization acted contrary to any AACE International or AEP program policy outlined in these Terms and Conditions or AACE’s Canons of Ethics.    


Upon acceptance into the AEP program, AEP agrees to pay US $3,500.00 per calendar year, January 1 – December 31, to maintain their status.  A prorated payment amount for the first year will be calculated for applicants accepted into the program after January 1.  

By checking the box below I certify: I understand that as an AACE International AEP Program participant, our firm/organization understands and accepts that AACE International reserves the sole and exclusive right to terminate our participation in the AEP Program if it has been determined that our firm has acted contrary to any AACE International or AEP Program policy, standard or rule. On behalf of the applying organization, and with full authority of this agreement, my company and I agree to accept and abide by the AACE International Approved Education Provider guidelines and all terms and conditions of this agreement as outlined in this document.  My company and I further agree to accept sole and full responsibility for the quality assurance of any courses offered with respect to the AEP Program under this agreement.

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