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Taiwan Dates
Schools are hiring for 6 and 12 month contracts with semesters beginning in January (Spring semester) and in July (Fall semester). 

After your application is submitted, we can talk to you further about your availability for length of contract.                     
Thailand Dates
The school hires for a 1 year contract from May-May (leaving end of April, starting to teach in May), which puts you in a Spring semester start date. 
China Dates
Schools are hiring for start dates in late January with 5 and 10 month contracts available.

5-month contracts (late January to late June) or (late August to late January)
10-month contracts available (late January until late January with about 2 months off in the summer) or (late August until late June). 

For the Term in the box above, choose the timeframe that you would prefer to start your position (either Fall or Spring - Summer not available for China) keeping in mind that the school prefers to hire those who have availability to start in the fall. After your application is submitted, we can talk to you further about your availability for length of contract.                     
Applicant Information:

Emergency Contact Information:

Important: Because of visa requirements, if you will not have your physical diploma or an e-diploma by 2 months before the semester you are applying for, you are not eligible for this semester and need to apply for the next semester. Transcripts do not count as a diploma for the visa process. 
Foreign Travel in the Last Ten Years:
Passport Information
Important: Having a current passport that does not expire within the next year is required for the visa process. If you do not have a passport or if your passport is expiring within the next year, we highly recommend you start the process of getting an updated passport this week.
Medical and Criminal History:

If you answered yes to either of the two questions above, please print and complete the supplementary Medical Recommendation form. You can email this form after you submit your application to

Personal Essay:
Please type and attach your essay. Essay should not exceed one single-spaced page and should address the following:
  1. Describe how your family, academic, and employment background has prepared you to teach children.
  2. Describe any experiences you've had working with children and/or non-native English speakers.
  3. Explain why you are interested in participating in the program and what you feel you can contribute to the school that employs you. 
Chinese Required Documents:

To be considered for a position in China, you must have one of the following:

1. A Bachelor's degree in English or Education
2. A Bachelor's degree in any emphasis along with either a TEFL/TESOL certification or 2 years teaching experience.

A copy of the following items are requested.  Please make a scan and upload the file below. 
Information Release:
I understand that the information provided herein will be sent to ILP-licensed schools for employment purposes.