Fiscal Sponsorship Application

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Section A: Contact Details

You may have up to (3) contacts from your arts group/project acting as ‘authorized account holders.' These (3) individuals can receive and release funds on behalf of your arts group/project and will be the ones who work most closely with Shunpike. If your arts group/project is unincorporated, we will require signatures from all three individuals listed below in your fiscal sponsorship contract with Shunpike.

Section B: Group/Project Details & Demographic Profile 
Please note that your answers to the demographic questions in this section of the application form are used for Shunpike’s data collection purposes only. All information remains confidential and your responses are not prejudicial to the success (or otherwise) of your application for fiscal sponsorship.
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Section C: Proposed Artistic Program
In this section, please provide us with more information about the separate project/s and/or program/s you plan to do over the next 12-18 months. List only the programs/projects for which you are seeking fiscal sponsorship. We've provided up to (5) separate "Project/Program Details Forms" in this application -- complete as many as you need. We do not require a "Project/Program Details Form" for fundraisers, galas, or special events.

maximum 5
Project / Program 1 Details

Project / Program 2 Details

Project / Program 3 Details

Project / Program 4 Details

Project / Program 5 Details

Section D: Financial & Fundraising Overview
For a compelling application, overall projected expense should not exceed overall projected income.
Your group must show a minimum of $1,500 in projected contributed income to be eligible for the Basic Program and a minimum of $3,500 in projected revenue (earned and contributed income) to be eligible for the Comprehensive Program.

Total from row 26 of your budget sheet

Total from row 37 of your budget sheet

Total from row 40 of your budget sheet

Total from row 73 of your budget sheet

Optional Section E: References and Credentials

You may also attach letters of support to your application if you feel it would help with your credentials. This section is not required.

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