Education Assistance Form (Dependent)

This scholarship application is only to be used by employees on behalf of their dependents who are attending a college or university.
A dependent is your child or your spouse’s child under the age of 26, including a natural child, stepchild, a legally adopted child,a child placed for adoption or a child for whom you or your spouse are the legal guardian or an unmarried child age 26 or over who is or becomes disabled and dependent upon you. If your dependent is an employee of Trilogy they can be eligible for the employee scholarship.
Eligibility Information

Trilogy Employee Information

For Employee SSN: The - symbol must be used between the groups of numbers. E.g. 111-11-1111. Error 1.1 would signify an invalid SSN or invalid formatting.

Dependent Information

Needed for eligibility verification.

Current High School Information
This information may be used in the event that this application is awarded to announce your dependent as a scholarship recipient. 

Degree Information

Short Answer