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Instructions for completing your application:

1. Please submit all requested information.
2. Use one form per person. If you want to be scheduled with a friend, please indicate on the form.
3. Committee Choice: Review the list of committees and fill in your choice(s) on the registration form. Please Note: Some committees require a full day commitment.
4. Committee assignments are made on a first come, first served basis, so please send in your application early. You will receive your assignment from the Arts Festival office by email. Volunteers who want to work together should indicate on your form but each volunteer must complete their own application.
5. Volunteers 14 years of age or younger MUST be accompanied during their assignment by an adult authorized to supervise them – no exceptions.
6. You must check the box that you have read the 2018 Volunteer Program Information and Waiver.
The 28th Annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival is July 6, 7, 8. The 2018 Festival needs more than 500 volunteers to produce the three day event. Please donate your time. You'll have a great experience!

Once you have submitted your application, a representative will contact you regarding your status, assignments, and scheduling. By submitting this application you are indicating that you have read the 2018 Volunteer Program Information.
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