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Sentara Cares is designed to improve the health status and overall well-being of our communities. Organizations that meet eligibility requirements and demonstrate an ability to make an impact on the program’s mission are invited to help us in this cause. Please refer to Sentara's Community Health Needs Assessments to learn more about our regional priorities - Community Health Needs Assessments>>


  • Applicants must be 501(c)3 non-profit organizations or governmental agencies that provide healthcare-related services to the underserved in Sentara Healthcare’s markets.

  • The requested funding must support a program/project that strategically aligns with the outlined priority areas.


Priority: Affordable Housing

Sentara seeks to provide affordable housing for members of our communities by partnering with agencies who can creatively address a variety of issues in this priority area.

Priority: Skilled Careers

We are dedicated to educating and training people so that they have improved and sustainable economic opportunities, which will enhance the overall quality of life. We invite partners to apply who can provide services for such populations that include but are not limited to the Asset-Limited Income-Constrained Employed (ALICE) and veteran populations.

Priority: Food Security

Sentara is committed to improving food security in our communities through innovative programs that will increase access to and provide healthy nutritious meals. These include nutrition education programs, food banks, and pantries across both the public and private sectors.

Priority: Behavioral Health

Programs/projects that provide direct or supportive services are encouraged to apply. These include behavioral health and substance abuse treatment, medical case management, life skills training, coping skills training, and interpersonal skills development. 

Priority: Community Engagement

Sentara is committed to improving public health and supporting community based programs that aim to support diversity, health equity, and health programs. Sentara improves the quality of life enjoyed by residents in our community through ongoing support of cultural programs, recreational features, and educational enrichments.


  • Nonprofit organizations classified as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or a government agency may apply.
  • Organizations must serve communities or populations residing in the Sentara service areas of Virginia and North Carolina. 


Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate: 


  • Timeline for project implementation should be one year with a January start date
  • Matching funding, in-kind support, leveraging of other funds
  • Inclusion of a sustainability plan if the project will continue outside of the grant funding period
  • Demonstrate engagement with community partners and stakeholders
  • Demonstrate service delivery to underserved populations
  • Inclusion of objectives with measurable outcomes to demonstrate impact

Grant fund use includes capital expenses and equipment costs, direct program services, limited external consulting if necessary, administrative expenses not to exceed 15% of the total budget request.



  • Individual discussions may be facilitated with the applicants to ensure alignment with the mission of Sentara Cares.
  • Requests may be made to modify applications during the proposal process
  • Subcontractors must be approved
  • Conflict of Interest/Disclosure statements will be signed prior to the final award/project implementation


  • September 15 – Technical support webinar (attendance encouraged) - Portal opens
  • September 30 - Full proposals due
  • November 30 - Selection notifications sent out
  • December 10 – Letter of Agreement signed by both parties
  • December 20 – Initial payment distribution complete

Please direct questions to


Sentara Grant Application - Organization Contact and General Information

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Note: Please fill out this application in reference to the particular project for which you are requesting funding.
Organization Info
Proposal Contact
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CEO/Executive Director (if different from proposal contact)
Applicant Organization Information
Board Composition
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Objectives and Demographics

Note: Please fill out application in reference to the particular project you are requesting funding for.
Program Information

Service Area Instructions

  • Please select the most specific match for the project service area.

  • System-Wide is used if the organization serves areas in the Eastern and Western regions.


Program operates in Norfolk and Newport News:

  1. Select Hampton Roads


Program operates in Richmond, Hampton Roads, and Northern Virginia

  1. Select System-wide


List at least three (3) specific, measurable and quantifiable objectives of the program/project. The objective should be to increase, decrease, or maintain a specific metric from its existing value to a new value. The metric can be a number or a percentage. If the intention is to maintain, then the numbers should be the same. If it is a new objective that has not been tracked before, it should be from 0 to the intended value. 

For example: [Increase] the [% percentage] of [clients with positive outcomes] from [80] to [85] by [date] (fields in brackets).

Process objectives may also be inserted with the goal to complete the process by a specified date.

For example: [Complete] the [process] of [hiring a program director] by [date] (fields in brackets).

(200 character limit)
Existing value prior to grant period. If data not available, insert an educated guess.
Goal value for end of grant period
Patient Population
Insurance Status

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Enter the actual percentage with no % sign; e.g.: 8.5 = 8.5% 25 = 25% .5 = .5%
Enter the actual percentage with no % sign; e.g.: 8.5 = 8.5% 25 = 25% .5 = .5%
Enter the actual percentage with no % sign; e.g.: 8.5 = 8.5% 25 = 25% .5 = .5%
Enter the actual percentage with no % sign; e.g.: 8.5 = 8.5% 25 = 25% .5 = .5%
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Program Information Continued

Program Information Continued
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Advance Directive
Sentara is part of a grass-roots effort to encourage advance care planning for end-of-life decisions. As a co-sponsor of the Advance Care Planning Coalition of Eastern Virginia, Sentara would like to encourage all of our grantees to support our efforts by promoting advance care planning. Please click the link below to find resources to share with your clients/patients.