Welcome to the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work! 


For incoming students: 

In order for you to be placed in an MSW internship, you will need to complete and submit this entire Online Field Placement Form within five days of receiving your intent to enroll form. Your intent to enroll/enrollment confirmation form (including Field Education Contract and Background and Clearance Form), commitment deposit, and this field form are required to secure your place in the upcoming class. 

For continuing students:

In order for you to be placed in an MSW internship, you will need to complete and submit this entire online Field Placement Form in a timely manner; otherwise, your field placement may be delayed and your ability to ultimately graduate with your cohort may be negatively impacted.

Please complete all areas, as this information will be used to guide the Field Education Placement Team in developing your community-based field placement. Some of this information will also be sent to your assigned Field Instructor to assist in planning your educational experience.

If you have any further questions, email sswfield@usc.edu. If there are any changes to your academic year address, please contact the Field Education Department at sswfield@usc.edu.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form thoroughly. We look forward to working with you in the MSW program. Fight on!

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Personal Information

Geographic proximity between your address during the academic year and your internship location is an important consideration in the placement process.  For this reason, the Field Placement Team does not begin the placement process until you have provided your full address. Failure to provide your full address in a timely manner may result in a delay to the start of your placement. 

Emergency Contact

Language Fluency


Substantial travel (typically within 30 miles or up to 1 hour) may be required to your field placement site on a reoccurring basis; therefore, current automobile insurance may be required.  If a different geographic area and/or proximity of field placement to home is important, please explain why. Keep in mind that any travel limitations may affect the placement options available to you, create significant delays in placement, and impact your ability to graduate with your cohort.

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Military Affiliation

Education Summary

Work Experience

Please list and briefly describe previous experience (volunteer and paid) related to social work. The information requested below will assist in the planning of your field assignment. Please also include a copy of your current resume. Your resume and field application will be shared with potential placement site(s).

Field Placement Schedule

The following is a list of populations and clinical issues that you may be working with during your field placement: adolescents, adult women, adult men, children and families, older adults, AIDS, Alzheimer's, cancer, child abuse, child and family protective services, corrections/criminal, developmental disabilities, domestic violence, emotionally disturbed children and/or adolescents, family service, LGBT, health/medical, homelessness, juvenile delinquency, mental health, public social services, severe mental illness, social work in schools, substance abuse and veterans.

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Personal Statement

This personal statement asks for additional and different information than the personal statement you submitted with your original admissions application.  Please share information which we can use to plan your field education experience.
1. Provide an introduction of yourself.
2. Articulate why you chose social work.  Include personal and professional  experiences which have influenced your decision to pursue an advanced degree in social work.
3. Describe your expectations for your field placement; discuss particular interests, strengths, and limitations and how they might affect your ability to work with clients.
4. Identify any individual learning goals and your career focus.
Please be as detailed as possible. (5,000 character limit.  You may copy and paste.)
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