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These questions are designed so both you and I can assess your readiness to take the next step in your writing. 

Plese know that you don't need to be a writer. You also don't need to have a clear idea of what you want to write. You simply need the desire - and commitment - to write your story. This doesn't mean you won't have doubts along the way! It simply means that you are answering the call from deep within that Legacy matters to you - and that writing may be your access to that.

Please answer the questions as honestly as you can. By doing so, you will know by the end of the application, if you are ready to take the next step in requesting a FREE session with me. 

Now, I invite you find a quiet spot where you can spend an hour or two, take a deep breath and write on! 

PS - Please save your work as you go. You also have the option of saving and resuming later. 

Your writing history

About Legacy

Your Vision

Looking at your life as a whole...

Quality of Life - in this section, please tell me more about your life.  What are you dealing with - both positive and negative? 

The writing of a book is no small endeavor. There will be peaks and valleys, trials and tribulations, challenges and growth opportunities! All in all, it is the ride of a lifetime! One important component is keeping balance in your life as you go through this process. This section will give me a sense of where you are now with balance. For each area of your life, listed below, rate how balanced it feels for you (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent).



Thank you for sharing your thoughts and goals as well as for investing in yourself by filling out this application. Your answers gives me a sense of where you are and how I might best assist you.

If you have completed this entire survey, and would like to request a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute Legacy consultation with me, please email me at KristenMoellerWriter@gmail.com. You will also receive a follow up email with the same invitation. 

Thank you, 

Kristen Moeller, MS