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2023/2024 tour  

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The Mobile Art Gallery consists of original works of art from exhibiting artists and tours perpetually throughout Colorado schools. The Goal of the Mobile Art Gallery is to provide entrance to the visual arts in an accessible, non-threatening setting and introduce the public to various art forms through exhibition of original artwork.

To make this a comprehensive educational experience, CherryArts provides several educational tools developed for teachers can be used in the classroom or as part of a community program. The Mobile Art Gallery Program Guide includes artist biographies, additional resources, inter-curricular lesson plans and activities. In addition, each work of art is accompanied by a ‘take away’ educational brochure written in both English and Spanish.

Students are actively engaged in the Mobile Art Gallery from its installation, handling the art, to dismantling the exhibition. Student docents are trained to give tours of the Gallery to the student body and school community and each docent will receive a MAG t-shirt as well as a certificate. Each school is encouraged to offer a Community Night whereby parents, school board members and the local community are invited to view the Gallery and take a docent-led tour.

Each collection requires significant space, approximately 800 square feet.  
The properties of the collection include:
5 8’ x 8’ panels for 2-dimensional art
4 pedestals for 3-dimensional art

Installation for the Mobile Art Gallery including programming elements for a two week tour is $1100. Grant funding is now available to provide financial assistance to schools. Apply now for a chance to receive funding to support your school in receiving the Mobile Art Gallery.

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