Request Proposals for IR Performance and Quality Improvement Data Collection

SIR and SIR Foundation are committed to quality improvement and mechanisms to assess performance in interventional radiology. Please provide feedback regarding specific data elements, performance measures or broader lines of investigation that support the development of meaningful multi-institutional clinical trials and registries. Suggestions are welcome from individuals with an interest in IR. These suggestions may be used to improve clinical trial, registry and research consensus panel planning as well as standardized reporting.

Specific data element proposal: Oswestry Disability Index score for vertebral augmentation procedures

Proposed performance measure: Percentage of patients who have undergone an interventional oncologic procedure who have had the intent of treatment (curative, downstaging to transplant/resection, prolongation of survival or palliation) documented in the medical record

Proposal for broader line of investigation: Impact of antibiotic impregnation on central venous catheter associated infection rates.

Please complete a separate form for each proposal. After you SUBMIT, a link will appear that will allow you to submit the form again.