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Thank you for applying to Evanston Scholars.  We look forward to reviewing your application.  It is important to provide a complete application to be considered for an admissions interview.  The information in this application is considered confidential and will not be shared outside of Evanston Scholars without your permission.

For this application, you will need the following items:
  • Family income information (tax document or other income sources)
  • A recommendation from a teacher or adult in the community
If you have any questions about the program or the application, please contact us at info@evanstonscholars.org with questions and issues and we will work with you personally to make sure all of your questions are answered.

If you are excited about this opportunity and would like to become part of our community, please fill out and submit this application. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Legal Name: Enter name exactly as it appears on official high school transcript.

Evanston Scholars does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression, or ethnicity.  In order to track the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts, please consider the following questions.

Student Address & Contact Information

E-mail will be the primary form of communication; please check your inbox regularly for updates regarding your application status and possible next steps.

Parent/Legal Guardian #1

Parent/Legal Guardian #2

Please list any children other than the applicant.

College Selections

What are three major, careers, or jobs that you are considering pursuing in college or after? (It's okay if you're undecided)

List major activities below that you have participated in on a regular basis. Clubs, sports, family obligations, such as caring for a sibling, and community service are all considered "activities." You may also upload a resume or an additional sheet of paper listing additional activities.

Part 4 - Other Information
How did you hear about Evanston Scholars? Please check all that apply.
Part 5 - Employment History

Part 6 - Student Essays

Evanston Scholars is looking to learn more about the experiences that have shaped you and your vision for the future through a few short essay responses. Each response should demonstrate your ability to thoughtfully and completely respond to the question. Please be sure that you thoroughly edit your responses, looking for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. To help you, we recommend that you draft your responses using a word processing platform ( Word, Google Doc, etc.) and then copy and paste your final draft into the form below. Read through your responses carefully before submitting. 

Essay #1)  Why do you want to be an Evanston Scholar?  (100-250 words)

Essay #2)  Short Answer - Choose prompt A or B (150-200 words).  

A)  What is one thing we don't know about you but should?  For example, a hobby, talent or passion that you have that you may not get to express through school; a favorite place you like to go; a favorite person you like to be with; a hardship you have overcome; a favorite book, author, movie, performer or type of music.  Be specific as to what it is and why you like it.  Unfortunately, you may choose only one.

B)  What has been one of your greatest accomplishments during the last few years (in or out of school)?

Essay #3)  At Evanston Scholars, we believe there are five traits crucial for success -- 
Persistence, Engagement, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Connectedness.  Choose one trait and give an example of why it is a strength of yours.  Then, choose one trait and give an example of why it is a weakness or area for improvement.  We are looking for honest and specific responses.  Include concrete examples.  (300-500 words).

Part 7 - Parent/Guardian Response

Please note:  Evanston Scholars is not assessing the parent essay for grammar and language. We are trying to find out more about your interest in our program. (We are happy to accept letters in Spanish or other languages)


Evanston Scholars is a program that offers many resources and supports to your student on his/her path to college (please see our website at www.evanstonscholars.org for a complete overview of program features).


Nota: Evanston Scholars no está evaluando su conocimiento de gramática o lenguaje, sino que estamos interesados en averiguar más acerca de su interés en nuestro programa.


Evanston Scholars es un programa que ofrecerá muchos beneficios a su hijo en su camino a la Universidad. Por favor explique, en concreto (favor de visitar nuestro sitio web  www.evanstonscholars.org para obtener una descripción completa del programa).

Part 8 - Teacher Recommendation

A recommendation from one ETHS teacher is required. Freshman or Sophomore academic core (English, math, social studies, science) teachers are preferred.

Please provide this link to your teacher: www.evanstonscholars.org/teacher-recommendation

Your teacher should submit the recommendation by April 21.

Part 9 - Certify and Submit

If ALL parts of the application have been completed, click the "Submit" button, below.  You will then have a chance to review your application, after which you must click "Confirm"  (you will need to scroll to the bottom of the review page to see the "Confirm" button). Your application will not be received unless you click "Confirm" after your review.