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Welcome Back !

This form is for clients who have booked previously but have no major changes other than NEW BOOKING DATES!

With NO no major changes to their address - pets - or pet care details.

It is mostly to advise about NEW booking DATES only.

Major changes such as new address or other major changes should complete a NEW booking enquiry - NOT this existing client form please. 

(If you have any major changes - then please use this link: 

https://www.tfaforms.com/195787    or you can click on the :     "Book Now'' Button ( which you will find a little lower down on this form - (The White Kitten in the BOX bottom/link)

If you have no changes other than a new set of dates - please proceed with this form now!

Please let us know if you need help with this form 

we are here to help you!

(Recommend you use a PC or Laptop if you have any 

issues with drop down menus on your 'smart' devices!)


Phone: 0405-498-528 

Email: info@petsitaus.com.au

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Existing client (No Major changes to address etc)  

Please enter your previously used name and email address:

Mobile number

New Booking Dates:

What dates do you require a carer to be engaged SPECIFICALLY START and
SPECIFICALLY END date inclusive
(Only the dates you need care - NOT necessarily the dates you leave or arrive back.

What date and time will you be back and be able to take over the care of your pet(s)?
Add details you think are important!
If you need more detail than the form allows - submit the form now & email us the rest of the info)

Any changes to your details?

New Contact Information - only if new please

New Pet Information only (We already have previous pets details) 

If you don't know what breed it is, just say 'Mix breed'.

Based on species. We are not looking for a weight we are looking at size that would help us determine the type of area your pet would be most secure if/when staying at a carers place.

Colour & markings i.e. Eyes colour and coat - Blue eyes, silver tabby) If you have several animals this helps us to identify them and look after each one as an individual! :)

Companion Animal Lifetime Registration lodged with the council by pet's owner. If you have moved or changed your contact details it is highly recommended that you update this with your council - your current updated contact details such as phone numbers, email & your address should be updated whenever these change!)

If you don't have this don't worry this isn't a must have. We like to have this - but we don't need it!

Select only good interactions.

During the day my pet is most used to.

What is the play, walking or other exercises routine you use and how often an when do you exercise?

New Vet Contact Details

New Emergency Contact Details
Your EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON should be local and should have a set of access keys - So please advise their details HERE: (Name, Suburb and Phone number please!!!)


Visit my pet at home: we come to your place for regular pet(s) visits. This service is suitable for most pets, but not for dogs because they truly need much more human companionship. We do not insist current vaccination, but would not recommend your pets come into contact with other pets who may transfer a preventable health problem to your pet, for example that your pet is not walked until they have full and current immunisation. Puppies need to be fully vaccinated and not exposed to potential disease such as Parvo virus on walks etc. until their immune systems are strong enough. You should always check with your vet to make sure when they are deemed safely immune.

Mind my pet & home: we come to your place for overnight stays to mind your pet(s) and your home for one or more nights. This service is suitable for all pets, we recommend this service for dogs as they have different social needs to most animals as they require a greater degree of human contact. Overnight stays indicates a minimum stay of approx. 11 hours. This service tends to replicate the type of routine that most pets are used to when you have to work or go to study, this maintaining stability for them. NOTE: If you feel that you really need the carer to attend for guaranteed set of number of hours please advise your specific requirement so that we may quote accordingly.

Mind my pet at carers place: your pet(s) stays in the home of the carer for one or more days. All pets in our care will need to be up to date with their flea and worm treatments. With carers who have their own pets, we really must protect both your pets, and the pets of our carers and we need to be sure that your pets are covered and protected by an up to date vaccination.

Walk my dog: we come to your house to walk your dog(s) regularly. Up to max. 3 dogs walked pet household and we never walk dogs of leash.  The dog(s) must be a minimum of 4 months of age and must me fully vaccinated.

Please select the time range (or ranges) that would suit your pets best

Extra information

Keys - let us know based on your current booking!

Note: Key collection fees can apply for New Carers and Orientations - or Where carers do not already have useable keys on file.

Pet food, treats, bedding, litter, cleaning products, flea & worm treatments ect.

At PSA our fees are not inclusive of food treats, litter or other consumable items,

We also recommend that you supply toys and other items that your pets enjoy to have, like toys, brushes, leads, harnesses, coats, blankets and other sleeping comforts ect. are made available for us to care for your pets to help maintain their usual care.

Also, if your pet is staying with our carers, we highly recommend that you provide some recently worn clothes, perhaps wrapped securely in an old pillow case. Items with your scent can be extremely comforting for your pets to snuggle with!

Client booking agreement

I/we understand that I will receive a client engagement sheet/invoice once my job is booked and confirmed.

This invoice contains important information which I will need to read carefully and make sure that there are no errors or omissions as this document also forms the basis of the carers job sheet.

PSA wants to make sure that we look after your pets based on what we understand is correct and this is why we ask you to double check and les us know if there are any issues!

The welfare and happiness of your pet is extremely important to us, so please let us know as soon as possible so that we can adjust the details and reissue you corrected invoice/instructions for you to approve!

I/we further understand that we can view the full updated terms and conditions of PSA at any time at the PSA website: www.petsitaus.com.au (Terms and conditions section/PDF) and that I/we agree to all terms and conditions for the engagement of PSA to care for my/our pets.

Note that: replying to PSA via email to proceed, or making payment indicates all details are deemed correct and that you wish to proceed as per above for the job as invoiced.

NB:  Cancellations must be made 1 month in advance of start date.

(A $50 non-refundable cancellation fee is payable for cancellations).

Flea and worm treatment - vaccination certification requirements for pets staying with carers:

All pets in our care will need to be up to date with their flea and worm treatments. Please have paperwork available to scan and send to us, or to show the carer when you meet with them for your pet interview. If you cannot find your current vaccination certificate, your vet can generally provide you with a copy. Please plan ahead, you can call and ask for details to be faxed or collected, by you, form your own vet! 

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