Safe Places to Play Letter of Interest (LOI)
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Applying for a Safe Places to Play grant is a two-step process. First, you will need to submit this Letter of Interest (LOI) to the U.S. Soccer Foundation's Grants Department. Second, if the Foundation approves the LOI, your organization will be invited to complete an official application.

LOIs submitted according to the following schedule will be considered during each Grant Cycle:
  • Spring Cycle Deadline: LOIs due by 1/31/20
  • Summer Cycle Deadline: TBD
  • Fall Cycle Deadline: TBD
Contact Information

If your organization is not tax exmpt, and you do not have tax exemption documentation, your organization does not qualify for a Safe Places to Play Grant (10 MB limit)
Budget/Quote Requirement

If you are planning to submit multiple applications, you must complete separate LOIs for each grant type.

Based on your selection above, you must obtain and submit an official budget/quote from the appropriate U.S. Soccer Foundation Corporate Partner(s) listed below. Please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for each Corporate Partner to return a completed project quote. Organizations contacting a Corporate Partner less than 7-10 days prior to an LOI deadline may not be accepted for that particular grant cycle.

(10 MB Limit)
Project Funding Information

To be eligible for a Safe Places to Play grant application, your organization must have at least 50% of the funding required to complete your entire project.

Enter just the whole dollar amount, without a "$" or decimal cents.
Enter just the whole dollar amount, without a "$" or decimal cents.

Compliance Requirements
In order for your LOI to be considered, your organization must agree to the following compliance terms outlined below