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2020 COABE Conference
Call for Presenters Application

The deadline to submit a presentation is October 31, 2019. The Conference Planning Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal for presentation. Presenters must register for the COABE 2020 conference by December 31, 2019. Failure to do so could result in cancellation of the presenter's workshop. Please contact presenter@coabe.org with any questions.

Concurrent presentations are 75 minutes in length, half-day preconferences are 3 hours, and full-day preconferences are 6 hours.

Your proposal will be reviewed using the rubric posted here which will be posted on our Presenters page.  Please reference it as you consider the quality of your proposal.

Maximum proposals per person is 3.
  1. Must register for the conference and pay the registration fee.
  2. Will be responsible for all costs related to transportation, room, and board.
  3. Will be responsible for furnishing handouts in the quantity needed for sessions.
  4. Conference provides data projectors, and screens for all the rooms. Please bring your own computer and adaptors that go from your device to VGA and HDMI. 
  5. Will be responsible for arrangements and costs of audio/visual equipment beyond what the conference provides.
  6. Will not be paid an honorarium.
  7. Must adhere to all copyright laws.
  8. Will be responsible for the security of any personal equipment used in a presentation.
  9. Grant permission to COABE for use of any photography/videography taken by the conference planners for future promotional purposes.


Concurrent presentations are 75 minutes in length, half-day preconferences are 3 hours, and full-day preconferences are 6 hours.

Are you interested in being added to our roster of national level presenters that can be contacted by our large group member state associations?
Is this a presentation by a vendor and/or promotes a product?
Would you consider writing an article for the COABE Journal based on this presentation?
Would you consider presenting a version of your conference presentation as a 1-hour webinar for COABE?
Is this a preconference presentation?
If preconference, is this a Full Day or Half-Day?
Day and Time Preference. (NOT guaranteed)

Your proposal will be reviewed by a Strand Partner. Please see the Conference Strands here for a description of each Strand and the intended audience. [Note that Strands have been reorganized and differ from last year's strands.] Consider your primary topic and audience, then select a Strand for your session. [Note that reviewers may consider your session for another strand than the one you select.]
Please indicate a Strand

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