Application for Child-Care Subsidy

Parents who are doctoral students in years 1 through 7 of an Arts and Sciences program may be eligible to receive one $2,000 subsidy per academic year for each child who is 1) under the age of five and 2) not yet attending kindergarten. If both parents are GSAS students, they both may apply individually for the child-care subsidy. 

For each eligible child, please attach a copy of his/her birth certificate or adoption documents (if not previously submitted to GSAS). The birth certificate should be saved as the student's last name, followed by a period and the year of the child's birth (i.e. LASTNAME.2015). Students may also bring a copy of the birth certificate to the Office of Student Affairs (Low Library, Room 107). 

If you have received the child-care subsidy in a previous academic year, you are not required to resubmit your child's birth certificate or adoption documents.   

Please save the email confirmation you will receive after you submit this form as documentation of your request.

Parents may submit this form once per academic year, and are encouraged to do so by October 1. Students who are on leave or become new parents may apply by December 15, March 1, or June 1.

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