Hack the Hood Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Hack the Hood!

While we welcome volunteer applications from everyone, we especially encourage people from under-represented backgrounds in tech to apply. This includes people who identify as women, Latinx and Black/African-American, and people with nontraditional educational pathways (i.e. self-taught or attended a bootcamp). 

Currently, we do not have any open volunteer roles, however, we review all applications and will contact individuals who appear to be a strong fit for programming.



Your Volunteer Availability


Your Interests and Skills


If you are interested in being a mentor to a Hack the Hood alum, please complete the form on the next page. If you do not intend to become a mentor, please press "Submit". 

Alumni Volunteer Application 

Thank you for demonstrating interest in being a mentor to Hack the Hood alumni. It is an opportunity to work with a mentee over approximately six weeks to help them develop their academic and/or professional goals. Each mentor is expected to devote at least one hour per week.  

When a mentorship opportunity becomes available, you will be notified and Hack the Hood will use the information requested below to match you with a mentee. 

The next mentorship program will be in Spring 2021. 
File Upload 

Please upload your resume and photo below. This information will be given to your mentee in preparation for your first meeting. You will also receive the same information about the mentee you are matched with.