Group Volunteers

Emergency Contact Info

Medical Consent

Please sign (or have a parent/guardian sign if you are under 18) either the consent or non-consent plan.

In the event of an emergency medical aid/treatment is required due to illness or injury during the process of volunteering, or while being on the property of the agency.  I authorize Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy to secure and retain medical treatment and transportation if needed.  This authorization also includes x-ray, surgery, hospitalization, medication and any treatment procedure deemed "life saving" by the physician.  This provision will only be invoked if the person listed below or the emergency contact person is able to be reached.  By putting your name in the box below you are consenting to the above statement.

Liability Release

As a volunteer at Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy, I acknowledge the risks and potential for risks of a horseback riding program. However, I feel that the possible benefits to myself and the clients I work with are greater than the risk assumed. I hereby, intending to be legally bound, for myself, my heirs and assigns, executors or administrators, waive and release forever all claims for damages against Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy, its board of directors, instructors, therapists, volunteers and employees for any and all injuries and/or losses I may sustain while participating Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy’s program.  

By putting your name in the box below you are consenting to the above statement.

Photo Release

I consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy of any and all photographs and any other audio-visual materials taken of me for promotional material, educational activities, exhibitions or for any other use for the benefit of the program.

By putting your name in the box below you are consenting to the above statement.

Barn Rules

1. Please DO NOT pet the horses in any outside pens or indoor stalls. Some horses on the property are privately owned and are not part of the HETRA herd.

2. Please do not arrive at the barn before you are scheduled, there must be a HETRA instructor, Staff Member, or Barn Leader on site when volunteers, students or guests arrive. If one of these individuals is not on site when you arrive please wait in your vehicle until they arrive. For insurance purposes we also cannot have visitors at the HETRA facilities when there is not a staff member on site.

3. Do Not enter a stall or outside pen unless asked to do so by a HETRA staff member or Barn Leader.

4. ONLY the barn leader or certified gold horse leaders will be allowed to get horses from the outside pens.

5.  No individual under the age of 18 is allowed in the outside pens. 

6. You should not be back in the stall area of the barn or in the outside pens UNLESS you have been asked by an instructor or barn leader to complete a specific task in this area - once this has been completed please return to the waiting area in front of the arena.

7. NEVER sit, kneel or lay on the ground near a horse.

8. We ask that you do not take cell phones into the arena with you, and all phones are turned to silent or vibrate when in the barn.

9. Please only use HETRA tack and equipment and always return tack, equipment, etc to its appropriate place.

10. Always clean up after yourself and any horse you are working with (sweep up any hair, manure, and throw away any trash).

11. All riders during a HETRA riding session are required to wear approved safety helmets (this includes instructors).

12. Please do not feed any horses any treats. Treating the horses tends to promote biting, also some of the horses are on special diets, and treats can be detrimental to their health. Please do not allow the horses to lick your hands this encourages biting. Please do NOT pet the horses on their heads or faces - this is a very personal area for the horses and can make them crabby.

13. When approaching a horse always consider the horse’s limited field of vision. Horses cannot see directly behind or in front of them without moving their head. Always approach a horse at the shoulder, speak to the horse as you approach and then extend your hand and pat them on the neck or shoulder. When moving around the horse, place a hand on their hip as you slowly move around them allows them to know where you are.

14. Avoid sudden movements when around the horse. This includes removing coats, raising arms suddenly, running, jumping climbing, etc. Horses can spook easily, please keep this in mind at all times when around the horses.

15. Please Do NOT reach into or pet a horse if the stall front on the horse’s stall is up. This is an indicator that the horse may BITE or they are in time out.

16.  Only HETRA Instructors are allowed to put bridles on the horses. 

17. Please do not bring any dogs or other animals to the barn area. (If you have a service animal please notify a HETRA staff member)

18. The cats are cute and fun to play with but remember they can bite and scratch. Playing with the cats is done at your own risk. Please monitor any children during their interaction with the cats.

19. All children and volunteers under the age of 12 must be DIRECTLY monitored by an adult at all times while on the property.

20. DO NOT enter any other buildings on the property.  

21. If you are not directly involved with a session please keep all activities and conversations to the designated waiting areas or check with the barn leader or schedule keeper as to additional tasks that need to be done around the barn. It is important to keep noise and conversation to a minimum when lessons are being conducted as it can be very distracting for the students and horses.

22. The session instructor is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the session from the time the first horse is taken out of the stall until the last one is put away. Please listen and follow all directions given by the session instructor, and follow all safety rules outlined during your time at the barn. Please also be aware of all situations around you and report any unsafe situation to the session instructor or barn leader immediately.

23. HETRA Volunteer & Guest Dismissal Policy: HETRA reserves the right to dismiss a guest or volunteer from the facility and from the program if their behavior is putting themselves, a student, staff, other volunteers or the horse’s mental or physical health in jeopardy. The HETRA instructor in charge at the time of the incident will review the behavior with the volunteer and determine the level of intervention necessary. The level of intervention could include a verbal or written warning or immediate dismissal from the HETRA facility and program. Physical, emotional, mental or sexual abuse by a person at the HETRA facility will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from the HETRA facility. Alcohol consumption by a volunteer prior to a session is not allowed. A volunteer smelling of alcohol will not be allowed to assist with that night’s session.

These rules are in place for everyone’s safety. Please follow these rules at all times while at the facility.Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave the facility.

My Family and/or I have read the barn rules and agree to follow them at all times while at the facility.

By putting your name in the box below you are consenting to the above statement.


I am aware of the risks of contracting or spreading Covid-19 while working or volunteering at Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy; attending an event; and/or receiving on site services from Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy during the time of a pandemic outbreak. 

I am aware that on site services and experiences may increase my risk of contracting and passing on the Covid-19 or Coronavirus and agree to hold harmless Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy and its Board of Directors, staff, Medical Advisor Board, members, officers, managers, agents, employees, volunteers and all other individuals I may come in contact with during this interaction and receiving of services, providing services, attending an event, volunteering within this organization or visiting. 

I agree to and will follow all guidelines for personal hygiene, personal safety and public safety as recommended by Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy; as well as my individual provider/practitioner. This may include, but is not limited to, maintaining social distance; limiting the number of people attending with me to what is outlined by the organization at the time, washing my hands prior to and following each session or activity; use of hand sanitizer upon request; wiping down surfaces with disinfecting wipes and/or wearing a mask and/or gloves. 

I agree to stay home and/or cancel my time at Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy should I have personally exhibited or have been in contact with someone who has presented with illness within the previous 24 hours to 2 weeks, including; cough, sneezing, fever, chest congestion or additional signs of potential spread of any virus or bacteria/disease. In addition, I will follow the recommendations of my provider once I have notified them of these risks in regards to my future services or attendance during this pandemic.

Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy will engage in regular cleaning and sanitizing of the facility, horse tack, equipment, doors, and frequently touched areas in-between participants and on a daily basis as recommended by the CDC for the safety of participants, their families, employees, volunteers and horses. 

I am signing under my own free will and agree to follow these and hold harmless all individuals associated with Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy


*In the event that the undersigned is under the age of 19, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.

HETRA Participant Photography and Social Media Policy

Videos and Photography taken at the HETRA Facility Policy:  


In order to protect you or your participants privacy as well as the privacy of others at the HETRA facility and due to the sensitive, private, and personal nature of our participants and the services we offer, we must exercise every precaution when taking photos or videos at HETRA.  At this time we ask that all participants and families follow this process if they would like a picture of their participant while at the HETRA facility.  Please do not take any picture or video at any time while at the facility on your own, please use the following procedure for any picture or video requests. 


Procedure for pictures or videos of their participants while at HETRA:

1.   Please notify your instructor or therapist that you would like a particular picture or video taken of your participant.

2.   HETRA instructor or therapist will supervise taking of the picture on a HETRA approved devise. 

3.   Once the picture/video has been taken it will be sent to the designated staff for approval (this allows the staff to check photo releases on everyone and make sure other participants/volunteers are not in the photo and there is no confidentiality issues related to the photo).  Designated staff includes - CEO, COO, Equine Operations Manger and Program Manager. 

4.   Once approved the photo will be sent to the requesting party.  We will do our best to make this a very timely process.  


Social Media:

Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA) embraces social media and relies on our participants, staff, and volunteers to increase our online presence and build our brand. It is one of the most powerful platforms we have to share our mission, create positive awareness for our organization, and engage with our community on a daily basis. We highly encourage participants to engage with HETRA’s social platforms by liking, commenting, and sharing our posts.  


Where to find HETRA:

Facebook            TeamHETRA                                                     

Twitter                @HETRA            

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·     Help HETRA spread the good word - share, retweet, and regram HETRA posts on your own social platforms. 

·     Refer to HETRA horses in a positive manner and forward inquiries about HETRA horses to a staff member

·     Think twice before posting. If you have any doubt, please do not post.



·     Claim to be an official representative of HETRA

·     Share confidential information about a participant, volunteer, employee or the organization

·     Take photographs or video of a HETRA participant, volunteer, HETRA facility, horse or employee unless specifically approved to do so by a designated staff member

·     Use language that is profane, harassing, racial, political, religious, or that is considered biased or slurred when posting about HETRA.

·     Refer to a HETRA horse or the HETRA barn environment negatively.


Violation of Social Media Policy


If a social media post is discovered that is in violation of this policy, you will be asked by a staff member to remove the post. Failure to remove a post could result in verbal or written warning or immediate dismissal from the HETRA facility and program.