District Conference 2018- Request To Be Excused

District Conference is an important time for pastors, chaplains, church and district leaders to worship, pray and be challenged together.  We would like everyone to be there.  However, if you cannot attend, we need to know why so you can be excused (see the District Bylaw below). 

Bylaws, Article II, Section 1. District Conference, B.3.  Official Workers Attendance

i.       Official workers of the District are required to attend and participate in District Conference.

ii.      Official workers unable to attend shall submit in writing prior to the start of District Conference to the District Secretary a request for an approved absence.

iii.       The District Superintendent shall approve the absences he deems appropriate.

iv.      All unexcused absences shall be reviewed by the Licensing, Ordination, and Consecration Council and if an official worker is absent from two (2) consecutive District Conferences without being excused, the Council shall take action it deems necessary.