Thank you for using Angie’s List! When an Eligible Member makes a Qualified Purchase of a Qualified Service, Angie’s List offers a Fair Price Guarantee.  To submit a Fair Price Guarantee Claim, please read the Fair Price Guarantee Frequently Asked Questions and full terms and conditions then complete the following form.


If your claim is accepted, Angie’s List offers the option to return your qualified purchase for a similar service within the Fair Price Range, or receive a refund of the difference between the purchase price and the Fair Price.


Your Fair Price Guarantee Claim must meet the following criteria to qualify (full criteria available in terms and conditions):

  • Qualified purchase must have been made by an Eligible Angie's List member on or after October 19, 2015
  • Service must have been purchased directly on the Angie's List marketplace (including the Big Deal and Storefront offers). Qualified services do not include additional or upgraded services purchased directly from service providers. Qualified services do not include Angie's List custom services offered via Angie's List Concierge or SnapFix
  • Fair Price Guarantee is not available for purchase of goods, products or materials; health - related services; vouchers; and services that do not have a Fair Price Value available at the time of purchase
  • Claims must be submitted within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of qualified purchase AND prior to any work being performed
  • Not valid in conjunction with any other guarantee

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This can be found on the receipt that was emailed to you on the day of purchase

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