Thank you for using Angie’s List! When an Eligible Member makes a Qualified Purchase of a Qualified Service, Angie’s List will guarantee the Service Quality.  To submit a Service Quality Guarantee Claim, please read the Service Quality Guarantee Frequently Asked Questions and full terms and conditions, then complete the following form.

If your claim is accepted, Angie’s List may offer eligible members an alternative service provider or refund the eligible member up to the purchase price paid directly to Angie’s List for the qualified service. Available refund is up to the purchase price, and in no event more than $100,000. 

Your Service Quality Guarantee Claim must meet the following criteria to qualify (full criteria available in terms and conditions):

  • One claim per qualifying purchase.  Qualifying service must have been purchased on Angie’s List on or after October 19, 2015, by an eligible Angie’s List member (excludes Basic membership plans). Check your Angie’s List membership plan.
  • Eligible members must attempt to contact the service provider to address service quality issue(s) prior to submitting a Service Quality Guarantee Claim and wait 2 business days before submitting the claim.
  • Claim submission is required within 30 days of substantial completion of the qualified services and in no event later than 120 days after the date of the qualified purchase.
  • The following issues are not elements of service quality satisfaction:  Dissatisfaction with pricing, scheduling, late start time(s), or a service provider’s slow responsiveness, health - related services, or goods and materials.
  • Eligible members must participate in good faith in the Guarantee Remediation Process, including the eligible member communicating with Angie’s List to better understand the issue and the desired remedy; Angie’s List contacting the service provider for response; and remedial service efforts on the part of the original service provider or alternative service providers Angie’s List, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine whether eligible members have participated in good faith in the Guarantee Remediation Process. 
  • Not valid in conjunction with any other guarantee.

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Preferred Outcomes

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  • I am currently or have been in litigation with this provider
  • My complaint has been reviewed by a local authority(e.g. State Contractor's Board, Attorney General)
  • I have accepted a settlement from this provider's insurance company