The Arc San Francisco Volunteer Application 

As a volunteer for The Arc of San Francisco, you will be asked to know and share in the vision of our agency:
  • Promote fuller understanding of the individual ability and needs of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of life.
  • Positively influence the attitude and perception of society toward persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Model innovative services that advance the dignity, value, and quality of life of those we serve.
  • Create opportunities and maximize accessibility for persons with developmental disabilities to fully participate in society.

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Length of tenure, organization, duties, or roles

We have several volunteer groups at The Arc San Francisco:
  • PULSE of the Arc: PULSE is our young professional’s volunteer group for individual and group volunteer opportunities. PULSE organizes fundraising events like happy-hours, art shows and bowling nights, plus quarterly client outings. 
  • Business Advisory Council: The Business Advisory Council is a networking organization that creates employment opportunities for clients of The Arc San Francisco. The group meets monthly with The Arc employment specialists and individual client prospects seeking to enter the workforce, offering guidance and job leads for possible placements

We are always looking for professionals to donate their time and talents to The Arc. Areas where we need support from volunteer professionals include healthcare classes and screenings by healthcare professionals and students, dental hygiene support from dental professionals and students, haircuts and makeup tutorials by beauty professionals and education support from special education professionals. Other unique skills which have been requested by our clients and staff are yoga classes, massage therapy and jewelry making. We are constantly growing our education and outreach program and encourage professionals to contact our volunteer office if they would like to lend their expertise to our programs.

Please note that we ask our volunteers to commit to volunteering for a minimum of 4-6 months.

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