Everyday Etiquette for Educators Assignment  2/2

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Assignments are reviewed by our STARS trainer. If you have not adequately completed any of the discussion board topics, or assignments, she will send you an email with feedback.


Email #1 

Hi today at school Sophia said she didn’t want 2 be their and she yelled at me and was mad and I want you to no.


Email #2


I want to tell you about Sophia having a bad day. You can call the school at 555-1234  to talk to me until 4:30.


Mrs. Jones


Email #3

Good afternoon Mrs. Lee,

During circle time this morning, Sophia had a very difficult time focusing her energy and sitting quietly during our story. When I asked her to keep her body still, she became very upset. Upon talking with her after this situation, she informed me that she didn’t like school and didn’t want to be here. She would not give an explanation as to why. This behavior is very unlike Sophia. I would love to set aside some time for you and I to discuss this at your earliest convenience. Please call the school office at 555-1234.


Mrs. Jones

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